Revers Alexa and ST Integration

I am using ActionTiles on an Android device as a nice looking control device. I have some TP-Link100 smart plugs. I can control them with the Kasa app on my phone or with Alexa. I know there is no native control for these plugs in ST. Is there a way that I can use ST to link back to my Alexa and through Alexa controle those devices?

There is a HS-100 solution that works with SmartThings directly. See the below. There are instructions at the linked site that tells you how to install (about 5 minutes for an IDE-experienced user, 15 minutes first time.

Some suggestions on using Alexa with SmartThings. Enable the SmartThings skill. For those that have SmartThings integration, I remove the skill (i.e., I do not use the Kasa Skill in Alexa). It reduces some confusion.


The following FAQ should help (this is a clickable link):

But as @gutheinz suggested, you should look into just connecting them to smartthings without using echo in the middle. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for your help. I found out that I can use Stringify to do what I needed.

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