Reset ST V2, now zwave devices have severe delay (March 2019)

Hello, Due to a problem with sunset and sunrise function, I had to hard reset my HUB V2, now I have many delays to turn on or off my zwave switches and scenes. The switches are Aeon Labs Aeotec G2, dual nano G5. Wallmote Quad. Phillips hue Zegbee works instantly. Zwave before the reset were working very good, I already made a Zwave repair. I had St from 2015, very happy until now. Really I’m thinking to change to another system.

have you tried restarting the hub after the device were added back?

You mean disconnect from power and remove batteries?. A lot of times…

Hello, have you done a zwave repair? Are you able to run a clean zwave repair with no errors?

Have you logged into the web based IDE? You need to do this to verify no zwave errors during zwave repair.