Reset hue bulb direct attached to smartthings?

Long story short I have one of my hue bulbs connected to the smartthings hub directly instead of through the hue hub. It’s my only hue light like this and is less than ideal.

I’m wondering if there is a way to remove it from smartthings and Factory reset it so I can join it to the hue hub. This beast is 15 Ft it the air and I’m hoping to avoid climbing on a ladder.

If you have a Bluetooth compatible bulb, apparently there is a separate Hue app that can reset the bulb. Info about it here. If that works for you, you can then delete the device from ST using either the Advanced Web App or the community developed ST API Browser+.

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After removing from ST as noted above, there are two additional options to resetting the hue bulbs:

Option 1: You need to have an echo device that has a zigbee hub inside.

Option 2: Hue dimmer switch


I happen to have both, about 15 minutes ago I decided I’d drag my ladder in and reset it with the hue dimmer switch. PITA but worked well enough. I’m in the process of switching to Home Assistant. TY for the reply