Reset Blink Camera

(Stephen) #1

Has anyone bought blink cameras used? How do you reset the camera from the previous account? Mine keep denying me access and saying that the serial number is associated with an am existing account.

(sidjohn1) #2

Have you tried contacting blink support yet or asking the same question on blinks forum?

(Stephen) #3

They have a forum? That’s cool. I’ll echo there. I emailed support. Just waiting for a response. Thanks!


I am having the same issue. My power went out and I had to reset the sync module. Once I logged into my account my cameras were not there and it won’t let me add them again. I received the same message you did. Have you find out how to reset them? I have emailed the company but have not heard anything back yet.

(Stephen) #5

Unfortunately I had to email Blink customer support. They were able to fix it