Repeatedly nag my family when a door is left open?


My family is really good at leaving a certain door open in my house that should almost always be closed. I do have a sensor on that door. I also have echo dots as well as virtual switches to broadcast ‘door is open’ in such a scenario.

I can create an automation that announces ‘door is open’ one time, but I would like to have the routine announce the same message every X minutes until the door (sensor) closes. Is it possible to do this with a S.T. automation?

Suggestions? I’m assuming I don’t want to use a piston- they’re going away, right?

good luck- Jim

You can try this automation

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You could connect the contact sensor conditions to a siren/alarm/speaker. When open for X minutes, start playing some tone like a bell. Once closed, stop the tone. My refrigerator does this if I leave the door open.

You can also use a virtual switch.

WHEN the door is open for x minutes/seconds THEN turn on Virtual Switch + auto off after x minutes
WHEN VS is on THEN play sound on Echo

I have something like this for when my washing machine is done.