Removing duplicate SmartApps?

I’m probably just being thick here, but can’t seem to find a way to delete an accidentally installed second instance of a SmartApp in the Mobile Application. I realize I can nuke the entire SmartApp from the IDE - that’s not what I want to do though. I simply want to delete one instance of the SmartApp.

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You should be able to use the IDE to remove just the instance you want to get rid of via the Uninstall option.

Click on My Locations
Click on List SmartApps
Hit the Edit button
Then click the Uninstall option for the specific SmartApp you want gone

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Ah, perfect, that worked, thank you! I didn’t see the “Edit” link up top until you pointed it out.

I have 2 instances of Smart Home Monitor installed. I followed your instructions (@diehllane) to try to remove the redundant copy, but I don’t see an Uninstall option for either of the 2 Smart Home Monitors. How do I remove one of them?

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I’m not sure how to uninstall those “Solutions”

For what it’s worth, I’m in the same boat. There are no ‘uninstall’ options in the “Solutions” section (where SHM lives). In case any dev’s read this: it created two instances of the SHM when I added a device (a dimmer in my case), and then answered yes to ‘would I like to use it with SHM’. Little did we know it would create an entirely new SHM :frowning:

I was able to ‘disable’ it by running the setup wizard in the android and choosing ‘remove’ at the end… which, while it didn’t remove it, seems to have disabled it in the dashboard.

I to have duplicate SHM on my dashboard which is really annoying. One is just set up as unconfigured since i removed the associations. I do not seem to have any way to remove it from the dashboard. Same thing happened, when adding a new device and wanting it to work with SHM it duplicated it instead of adding it. Any ideas?

I opened a support ticket. The powers that be resolved it nearly immediately. I referred to this thread in the ticket.

I just opened a ticket for this, as well. A second SHM instance showed up this morning.

So this is still possible. I have multiple instances of the Homebridge app in the iOS SmartApps interface (and none will open.) I contacted support and they said it’d be a few days for the developers to fix. I have no idea how this happened for the record…