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How does this differ from the existing community integration?

Very similar. They both use the hub. but there is no X10 support there. I should remove the post…

It’s fine to have multiple similar solutions with slightly different features. You never know what somebody else might be interested in. It just wasn’t clear to me what the differences were, which is why I asked. :sunglasses:

( I am quadriparetic and rely on text to speech, so I can’t read code.)

I could have saved some time… they do use the API of the insteon hub there and that’s the essence of the solution.
Someone also mentions the X10 code there (262). Nevertheless that post doesn’t include a usable simple X10 solution, as far I can see in a glance. BUT Last thing I want to do is to infringe copyright… :slight_smile: better if my code is removed.

Your choice. Most of the code published to the forum is under an Apache license, so there’s no problem posting additional variations. You can just put in a comment mentioning the other version as a courtesy if you want. You know, “JohnDoe has a version with basic insteon integration, but I’ve added support for X10 switches” or whatever makes sense. People do that all the time. :sunglasses:

second look - they do have x10 support. not as a package but everything you need for building a package is there.

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