Remote switch question - local as well as remote functionality

Is there a smart switch (zwave, etc) that allows local as well as remote operation? I want to be able to turn a lamp on without using the remote controller (as well as with the controller). I dont want to be forced to find/use my remote device when i want to turn on a lamp. X-10 used to have this feature but current models do not and i find this frustrating

I think you’re using “local“ and “remote“ in a somewhat different manner than we generally do in this forum. Usually those terms are used to mean “doesn’t require the Internet“ and “does require the Internet,“ but it sounds like you are just asking if you can have multiple means of turning on the same device. And in particular it sounds like you are asking if there is a lamp/light that can be physically turned on at the device as well as being turned on by a button controller.

And the answer is yes, there are some, but first we need to know what country you are in as the device selection does vary somewhat.

Just to give you an example, meross makes a nice RGBW table lamp which is available in both the US and Europe. It has a tap control on top of it so that you can physically turn it on and off, and you can also use it with any other handheld device that works with smartthings.

Lutron Caseta Switches (US only) Are in wall light switches which can also be paired with their own pico handheld remote.


And there are quite a few other devices that can be set up with “Parallel means of control“, it just depends on exactly what you are looking for and, again, what country you are in. So it depends on whether you are looking for a wall switch, a smart bulb, a table lamp, a smart plug, etc. as far as exactly what options will be available. :sunglasses:

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If I understand the question, any smart switch that is wired in to replace a dumb switch will still work if manually operated.

But, as @JDRoberts discussed, we need you to clarify what you mean by local vs remote.