Remind me to lock the door when i leave

How would i set it up so when everybody leaves the house, if the door is not locked we get a notification saying the front door is not locked

Using the Yale conexis 1

You can set up a automation in the new app, or use webcore. There are probably some smartapps you can load up in the classic app that would do it as well.

I have this automation: when i open my garage door, if any door/window is open, then send notification and play 1 beep siren.

I did that by adding a mode “about to leave”.
Then I have a routine that change “home” or whatever mode into the “about to leave” when the garage door is open.
I then have the smartapp “notifymewhen” that checks the door/windows and only trigger notification if I am in “about to leave” mode.

Works fine.

Why not just lock the door whenever everyone is gone?

Using webCoRE:

If all present sensors are not present
Door is unlocked
Then using lock
Send Notification, “The Door was left Unlocked”

With us, whenever someone leaves the door automatically locks. Same as when someone arrives it unlocks.

Old CoRE Piston below but you can use webCoRE to write this simple rule. If you don’t have webCoRE installed, now is a great time to jump in. It’s a great rule engine!


If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out this app. It’s designed to check a bunch of stuff when you leave the house and the hub mode changes. It’ll notify you and if possible (and configured), it’ll try to fix it (e.g. lock locks, turn off switches, close garage doors etc)