[RELEASE] Sonoff Tasmota Device Handler

The health check is driven by the hub. Hub pings the device, device responds.
I’m not sure why this is happening but it goes away once you turn on/off.
I’m having the same issue.
Did you have any network issues? Power outages? Didn’t use the device for a long time?
(I had all of these)

Thanks for the quick response. Would this be just 1 on/off to control the device or will I be able to individually control each socket like from the manufacturer’s app?

I was responding to if Teckin SP23 would work question.
regarding the health error question. I used the on/off from smartthings app. It went away.

Where does the username/password come from for the device settings?

Working for me on Teckin SP27 (UK) plugs. It does suffer from appearing offline after a few minutes, but always seems to work anyway and following use does show the correct status again for a few minutes. The only annoying thing is Alexa complains that they are offline, but they still work so that’s the main thing. The other fun fact is that for some reason Smartthings defaults the port to “80.0”, which won’t work. You need to delete the “.0” and leave just “80” in the port setting.

It’s your web admin password set on the device’s web admin page. It’s in the Configuration–>Configure Other menu, and the username is simply “admin” (case sensitive).

Those of you with Tasmota Plugs that support Power Monitoring may be interested in my new DH (Late BETA).

More info here: BETA Release: Tasmota Device Handler for Plugs with Power Monitoring


I just did some slight modifications to this handler to control a Tasmota single wall switch; I have double and triple button switches, and I first thought of adding a device for each button, but ST complains of them not having an unique device id. Looks like a need to create parent-child devices.

Does anyone know of a good parent-child device handler to use as a base?

In regards to this d vice handler
I’ve recently installed the new sonoff mini and flashed it with Tasmota have 8.1 version but still using the old device handler, it’s still showing a delay when switching manually on the switch is there any new info or code to update or change the poll or refresh request? But have it built into the device handler and not always scroll down on my phone the refresh it, it’s weird there’s other devices out on the market like xiaomi sensors that work with SmartThings and updates almost instantly when a door is open or closed? I find it strange why a device that’s battery powered can update almost instantly but the sonoff mini or basic or whatever sonoff doesn’t update its switch status on the app. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

I eagerly await a resolution to incorporating a tasmota flashed sonoff mini into smartthings. I don’t know where to begin with the road I’ve been down in the last 3 weeks for learning how to flash OTA with a lot of help with DrZzs youtube channel. Finally able to get all that done, download Fing app to find the sonoff ip address. Device handler and app installed in smartthings website, but will not auto find. How I am able to progress is enter the ip manually, it gets recognized but the interface with smartthings in unusable, while the ip address for the sonoff will toggle. So it’s close, very close, just a matter of time.
In the mean time I am inquring with cheezedawg about a simple url switch device handler he found here and we’ll see what I can do from there. Like many others who enjoy flashing alternate firmware without having to use eWelink, ready to be able to finish the flashing to 10 switches and get them installed.

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I am in the same boat. I flashed Tazmoto on a Sonoff Mini OTA with the youtube video and the Reddit posts https://www.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/di4mrk/guide_howto_flash_the_sonoff_mini_with_tasmota/ , but I cannot find similar DTH and SmartApp that will work with Tazmoto. I know everything is working with Tazmoto as I can turn it on and off with the web interface. I have flashed several Sonoff Basics and use the erocm123 DTH and smart app to integrate into Smartthings and they work very well. Have you had any luck finding anything that works? I tried the DTH listed above and cannot get it to work after following the directions exactly. Any ideas??
p.s. Hopefully TaylorTech on youtube will come out with a video soon!

I have not and am in the process of an initial collaboration, As I am extremely new but enthusiastic.
What I am good at is deduction and research. So far I have found a Tasmota app that controls Tamota flashed devices. Additionally, when you have the device paired with your Wi-Fi you can enter the IP address in the browser and it comes up with a toggle interface.
It is just a matter of time before we are able to incorporate into SmartThings.
Lastly, I have had in the Mhcozy Wi-Fi device installed on my garage door the last 6 months and have not had a problem with eWelink, so I wonder how long I’ll wait before I get install the sonoff mini in the switches as is…

If anyone is interested, I have an integration on Github. It requires a Windows PC to run the MQTT service, though.

It can work without MQTT, but manual control of the device will not show in SmartThings immediately as there’s only a 5 minute poll.

I am interested in knowing more about mqtt, but also looking for an option that I pc wouldn’t be required, ie wifi or hub. A pc isn’t always on at home. Someone is going to solve this and soon, the sonoff mini is a real game changer for it’s function. I recently purchased 10 of them for 65.00 including shipping.

Currently MQTT is the only way for the device to report what’s going on real time.

Okay, that may mean I need to run that on a Raspberry Pi after all.

Is there any way this could work with the r3 version?

Your device handler works well, thank-you. I do have Home Assistant so my MQTT broker sits on that. If I set the “Use MQTT for Commands” to on as I would like to see status update from other services the handler wont work. Any ideas?

There is no Sonoff Pow R3 yet… the current version is R2.

it won’t work for me, what can I do wrong? i’m new to this, is there anything i should have set in tasmota first? How do you know which port to choose inside the app? thanks in advance