[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Thanks. I updated/published the main robot DTH and added/published your child DTH. I see and pressed the “CREATE CLEAN B…” (label is truncated), but don’t see anything new. Should there be a child device for each room on the “Things” tab (using ST Classic iOS app)?

yes. If you have a D7 , you should get new buttons for each room you have.
What do you see in the live log ?

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:31 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=1

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:31 PM: debug Botvac ON time markers: [OPS05518-7C3866FFF21A:1578864931263]

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:31 PM: debug Smart schedule states: [:]

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:31 PM: debug Last clean states: [:]

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:31 PM: debug Executing ‘pollOn’

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:33 PM: debug Time to force clean: -1 milliseconds

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:33 PM: debug Executing ‘timeToForceClean’ with device OPS05518-7C3866FFF21A

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:33 PM: debug Time to smart schedule clean: -1 milliseconds

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:33 PM: debug Executing ‘timeToSmartScheduleClean’ with device OPS05518-7C3866FFF21A

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:33 PM: info Body: [action:0, alert:null, availableCommands:[goToBase:false, pause:false, resume:false, start:true, stop:false], availableServices:[IECTest:advanced-1, findMe:basic-1, generalInfo:basic-1, houseCleaning:basic-4, logCopy:basic-1, manualCleaning:basic-1, maps:basic-2, preferences:basic-2, schedule:basic-2, softwareUpdate:basic-1, spotCleaning:basic-3, wifi:basic-1], cleaning:[category:0, mode:2, modifier:1, navigationMode:1, spotHeight:0, spotWidth:0], data:[:], details:[charge:96, dockHasBeenSeen:false, isCharging:false, isDocked:true, isScheduleEnabled:false], error:null, meta:[firmware:4.5.3-189, modelName:BotVacD7Connected], reqId:1, result:ok, state:1, version:1]

f370e3a4-8017-47cd-857e-0d6f805143 9:17:33 PM: info Status: 200

thx. is this log from when you click the “create clean buttons” ?
if so, that’s weird. then please uncomment 2 lines below:
//log.debug(“getMapHTML map ID: {mapIDx}") //log.debug("boundariesX: {resp5.data}”)

and try to get a live log again.

what is the “new app” ?

This just happend to me this morning on my D5. Rather than deleting the whole SmartApp, I deselected the Botvac from the SmartApp and saved, then opened the SmartApp again and readded it. Saves a bit of time.


I see what you were asking me to do now. This time, I accessed Live Logging on the IDE, then tapped the “CREATE CLEAN B…” button and copied the results below. I have not uncommented those 2 lines yet since I didn’t do the right steps the first time. Please let me know if you’d also like the “uncommented” results as well.

f370… 9:56:56 AM: info Body: [data:[boundaries:[[color:#000000, enabled:true, id:9ebde605-6189-4fb6-a571-18b18583c761, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.5145, 0.1562], [0.5152, 0.1905]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:2253437d-8019-44aa-bfda-b7ec51e3d114, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.5497, 0.1914], [0.5152, 0.1905]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:a83dffdd-a725-4542-b00e-435dbd53ebb2, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.6535, 0.4801], [0.6552, 0.4431]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:93795d2d-179b-4525-a778-3b17c3800ec2, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.6, 0.4444], [0.6552, 0.4431]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:20104c2e-a488-404e-b65b-3bd7e2d76d79, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.7565, 0.6661], [0.7063, 0.6639]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:bfb02a9b-4da5-4cce-8ad2-2cb2ec3868b9, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.7063, 0.6639], [0.7056, 0.7475]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:98329c69-7c45-494f-9c08-29949121f6c9, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.7537, 0.7694], [0.7056, 0.7475]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:5c34b435-35f8-48b8-a3c8-08fdc8ce42e8, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.7537, 0.7694], [0.7565, 0.6661]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:4e2635b8-1133-4a39-a8fd-5724b546966b, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.5507, 0.1562], [0.5497, 0.1914]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:826bc778-47d3-4f54-b438-3bcb164153ac, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.773, 0.7086], [0.4572, 0.7086]]], [color:#000000, enabled:true, id:b514483f-67a6-4ac3-b6c0-bd4546c069e5, name:, type:polyline, vertices:[[0.2412, 0.3622], [0.3745, 0.4657]]], [color:#7bb472, enabled:true, id:bc17abe1-1029-4bbd-9f56-f095fa01197c, name:Den, type:polygon, vertices:[[0.465, 0.5234], [0.7634, 0.5234], [0.7634, 0.7796], [0.465, 0.7796]]], [color:#5b7ba5, enabled:true, id:4b234178-b073-454e-b10a-d17b85d6140a, name:Foyer, type:polygon, vertices:[[0.2441, 0.3589], [0.5913, 0.3589], [0.5913, 0.5303], [0.2441, 0.5303]]], [color:#e06a83, enabled:true, id:c953963d-12bd-46df-8287-755ceaf09e72, name:Kitchen, type:polygon, vertices:[[0.5964, …[TRUNCATED]

f370… 9:56:55 AM: info Body: [[id:2019-01-18T03:16:39Z, name:Downstairs, raw_floor_map_url:https://neatorobotics.s3.amazonaws.com/persistent-maps/OPS05518-7C3866FFF21A/2019-01-18T03:16:39Z/dfa8b464fcf0717cf5c34980a49eda1c/floor-map.png?X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAIJA2XL2XP5OB72XQ%2F20200120%2Fus-east-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20200120T175655Z&X-Amz-Expires=300&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Signature=f069ebfe3464a63239203d5f12d24c66ba7c3540972e8e5f33daf2366162d198, url:https://neatorobotics.s3.amazonaws.com/persistent-maps/OPS05518-7C3866FFF21A/2019-01-18T03:16:39Z/dfa8b464fcf0717cf5c34980a49eda1c/user-map.png?X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAIJA2XL2XP5OB72XQ%2F20200120%2Fus-east-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20200120T175655Z&X-Amz-Expires=300&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Signature=51466291f8a1a33ed4044aca01b4bec19cf9c10f10c5276895736dd61190d3f6, url_valid_for_seconds:300]]

f370… 9:56:56 AM: info Status: 200

f370… 9:56:55 AM: info Status: 200

f370… 9:56:55 AM: debug Beginning API GET: https://beehive.neatocloud.com/users/me/robots/OPS05518-7C3866FFF21A/persistent_maps, [Accept:application/vnd.neato.nucleo.v1, Content-Type:application/*+json, X-Agent:0.11.3-142, Authorization:Bearer d6e6a19389acd1a186868d608c69a3a0a7e839a6da9af868bc4182bf554a0a93]



Can we take unofficial customization of @Alyc100’s code to its own separate thread. I mean I appreciate customization and choice but we need to leave this thread about the default behavior so it can be properly supported. He’s about to be swamped with upgrade requests for NewApp and its going to be hard to keep everything straight.

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what is “NewApp” ?
maybe if @Alyc100 could make some explanation it would be better for all of us.
I am mentioning him in most of my posts but he doesn’t answer.

I am just trying to help others. Otherwise, I wrote what I need and am able to use it.


do you have multiple maps ?
maybe that’s the issue. Because I just wrote the code assuming everyone has one map like me.
you can uncomment those 2 lines and share the log.

All you need to know about the new version of SmartThings here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/get-ready-to-make-the-switch

And I’m glad it works for you - please take any Q&A about your version into its own thread.

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@nathancu I understand what you’re frustrated with. However, if @Alyc100 incorporates @mrmrmrmr’s new custom zone feature (pull request?), then custom zones would become part of the baseline app and we can all be buddies again (channeling Emmet from LEGO Movie)!

ok, I know the new smartthings app.
but what is the issue with Alyc100’s code ?
I thought it would be possible to use all smartapps and device handlers with new app. isn’t this true ?

I believe the new app has different interface requirements for smart app groovy code, I’m not positive though as I haven’t used the new app yet.

You are correct, The UI will have to be rebuilt once ST releases the new custom application interface instructions (coming soon according to the thread I posted earlier.)

So no, the UI doesn’t work at all in the New App @mrmrmrmr, it needs a total overhaul. Thus I suspect why it’s not a priority right now to rewrite what will need a major version update.

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ok. I understand now.
But I also understand that there’s still more to wait. Since the new application interface instructions are not defined , all developers have to wait.
but meanwhile, why not develop for the currently available interface ?
the functionality I supplied seems unnecessary for some of you , because not all of you have D7. On the other hand, D7 owners can make use of it…

anyway, I just tried to help. But the main developer seems to ignore me. So, I will not push it anymore.

@mrmrmrmr Have you submitted a pull request?

no. actually my code is not very clean and maybe it’s not the way that Alyc100 would implement.
For example, I believe if alyc100 would do it, he would first check the model of the robot and display the new button only if it is a D7.
That’s why I didn’t submit a pull request as he does not respond here.
If he had at least responded and asked me to do so, I would…

I keep getting a message from smartthings “Neato Botvac - Neato Vac has an error: Robot serial and/or secret is not correct. Not Conected to Neato”. If I go into the smartapp at the bottom of the page it says I am connected. How do I fix this?

Try deleting the botvac and re-adding it. If that doesn’t work, try re-installing the app.