[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Throwing this out there to see if anyone has an idea on how to solve this.

I’m using Webcore + Life360 to determine whether the house has anyone it (e.g. If all phones are gone = not present). When “not present” the vacuum starts cleaning the whole house. This works fine.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to dock the D7 when house presence = present (i.e. When a phone arrives). I can get it to work via IFTTT but I’d like to simplify my setup by using webcore.

Is the command to dock to vacuum dock() or dock(‘sendtoBase’) or some other command that isn’t obvious in the device handler? I’ve tried setting up a manually triggered webcore piston to test both commands independently and neither docks the D7. If I use “turn off” the vacuum responds by completely turning off as expected.

Any ideas? Am I missing a polling action or refresh and then have to send one of the dock commands?

If you just did the firmware update that seems to be the issue. I fixed it on my 2 D7s by deleting both the device and the app and the reinstalling the app. Once I did that I reauthorized the app and all started working again.

I did do the firmware update. I will delete and reinstall. Thanks .

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By this, do you mean delete the ST device and Neato Connect smartapp? Or do you mean delete Neato’s native app?

Delete the ST device and the ST app

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What you ask for seem to be my exact setup. Feel free to find inspiration here :slight_smile:

What you are specifically asking for is found in the bottom section; Turn off --> dock() --> Turn on.

…and yes, I’ve named my D7. Dont try to tell me you havent :unamused: :roll_eyes:


THANK YOU!!! I will try this today and hope that it works.

BTW, my Neato’s BotVac name is Awesome-O

EDIT: I tried this and IT WORKED! Thank you!

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Glad I could help! Dont know if you really need the wait commands; I just added them to be sure the commands are received and handled in intended order.

Perhaps something has changed since 2016, but I have a D7 that I can’t seem to get the dock() command to work through webCoRE no matter what I try. Stop, then Dock, or Dock on its own. Is there something else I should look at? THANKS!

see my example above? tried that?

…all you need to do is (should be): turn off > dock() > turn on…

Yup. Tried off, wait, dock, wait, on. It just kept cleaning.

Can you share your piston, and I’ll try to see if anything apparent needs to be fixed? … :thinking:

The actual series of events (off, dock, on) seem right.

Are you sure your piston actually reach that state?

What happens when that action is executed? The robot simply stops, waits, and then starts and continues cleaning?

I also dont know about checking for status is ”cleaning”…? Might work, but I personally found that checkin for ”switch is on” is sufficient.

I believe it’s completing. That’s why I have it send a PUSH notification so that I can confirm it has progressed past the dock sequence. The robot stops, waits and starts cleaning again.

Checking the status for “cleaning” does work.

Thanks for your help. I’ll keep looking at it. I don’t get much opportunity to troubleshoot as I have a 1 and 3 year old that have other plans for Rhonda the D7 when she comes out to clean.

The only thing I can think of is that there is some other part of your code that intercepts, and triggers Rhonda to start cleaning before she can actually be told to dock. Either that, or that the state change of ”cleaning” cancels the whole docking action before it can finish.

Some debugging tips:

Try isolating the docking command to its own piston, and pause the big piston - and see if it works better.

Also disable ”async” on your if statements, to minimize the risk of things running in parallel.

You could also try adding ”never cancel ececution” on the statement that is responsible for docking, and see if this could be the reason.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks @FishFlu I’ve managed to get it to dock (intermittently) with this piston. Sometimes the logs indicate that when I put the “on” command, it fails to fire because it would not change the state of the device.

Good, and strange :slight_smile:

Try en wrapping the ”turn off” and ”turn on” commands in their respective ”while loops”.


While Rhondas state is ON (and count < 10)
—> wait 5 sec
—> turn OFF
—> set count += 1

…and similar for turning ON again. This will try to execute the ON/OFF commands 10 times in a row, before finally giving up. Will hopefully help, if what you are experiencing is some kind of time-out problem.

can anyone help I am sure I am missing something stupid…I have tried to connect my neato d4 to smarthings and everything goes great till the last step of install and i Hit save (neato connect logged in, bot selected and all options filled out, hit save) it pops up neato is installed and automating and then a unknown error occured and I cant get it to show up or work…help :slight_smile: please

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Hey! Was just checking out the WebCORE actions and saw “Toggle Navigation Mode.”

I assume that “Toggle Cleaning Mode” is between Evo & Turbo - so is Navigation mode to toggle between Spot and House?

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