[RELEASE] Motion Sensor Thermostat with Remote temperature sensors, Presence detection and Schedules

This is SO close to what I came to the community looking for help with. CoRE is kicking my butt, I’m able to get a “faked out” piston to start running, and simply set the thermostat to a higher pre-determined temperature without any “polling” or anything, but failing on the stop running.

Keep me cozy works perfectly for controlling the temp in my bedroom in “Night” mode, which I also have rules set for alarm sensors and stuff. BUT…I’m looking for the ability to do almost exactly what your code does with motion sensors, but instead, using a multi-sensor’s open/closed status to start and stop the thermostat from reading the temperature of that same sensor. Quad-level houses are a PAIN to heat evenly with forced air!

So for example, the majority of my time is spent on the ground level, where the thermostat is located. However, when we’re in the lower level family room, when I open the door, I’d like the thermostat to begin looking at that same multi-sensor for its temperature and begin heating based on that. When I leave the room and close the door, revert back to the thermostat’s own temperature sensor, and if necessary for coding, set the thermostat temp/mode, etc back to where I’d usually have it set…

Is this do-able? Help! Thanks a million in advance for any advice…

Take a look at these apps. They have an option for a contact (door) sensor built in. When open it turns off the thermostat and when closed it resumes normal operation.
[RELEASE] Mode Based Thermostat - Control Multiple Thermostats Temperature / Remote Temperature Sensors when Changing Modes
[RELEASE] 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler (Weekday, Weekend) with Remote Temperature Sensor for each Schedule

@RBoy I seem to be having a weird issue with this. I was having issues going back so I uninstalled it & was thinking my thermostat, which is ecobee was broken. What I discovered was you have to hold the button down in the app for temp because it goes in half increments and I had a 14 min buffer setup based on motion to.ruen the heat on & off. I use this app in my family room for when my son plays xbox. So fasr forward to this morning & I reinstall the app to try it out. As soon as I installed the app it set my heat to 63 degrees. I go downstairs to test it & as soon as it detects motion it turns on. The family room is it’s own zone & I only baseboard heating. Before my kids were home permanently due to covid, which is last winter i used this app with no issues. Thanks.

@RBoy @maddie did you forget about me???.

Not sure what problem you’re experiencing. The only reference is I see is to a holding a button down to change the temp in 0.5 degree increments. That’s the device handler and not the SmartApp.

It doesn’t work. I setup for the hear to go on after 15 min of motion & shutoff after 15 min of no motion. So while everything was off, I tested it by walking downstairs & as soon as motion detected me it kicked the heat on. I setup for the heat to be at 68 when no motion but for some strange reason after the smart app turns on the heat my thermostat temp is 63 degrees. I usually shut the app off once the warm weather comes & then turn it back on in the fall.

Sounds like you’re using a remote temperature sensor. See the first post on how the app works when using a remote temperature sensor.

I’m using a Samsung motion sensor & ecobee thermostat. It’s based on motion not temp.

I would recommend going back into your SmartApp and checking your app settings, you’ve configured it to use a remote temperature sensor to achieve a target temperature as explained in my last post.

I’m confused so sorry. If motion is detected for 15 min set thermostat, if no motion for 15 min set thermostat. This is the same routine that I used last winter & worked with no issues. I’m not an expert but could the issue be with all the past smartthings updates? I dont know so that’s why I’m asking?