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[RELEASE] Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling (homes without HVAC/thermostats / using heaters and cooling appliances / vacation home / remote homes)

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###Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 1.4.0

  • Added ability to automatically check for updates to SmartApps and Devices and notify user

After updating the code, open the SmartApp and click Done for the changes to take effect

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###Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 1.5.0

  • Added ability to use humdifier if the humidity falls below the threshold
  • Improved description of options
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###Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 01.05.01

  • Update due to change in ST phone app, now you can separate multiple SMS numbers by using a *
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Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 01.06.00

  • Added support for schedules ending past midnight into next day
(Ulf Thomas) #11

Hi RBoy.

I just found this app of yours (been running your door lock app for a long time) and I would love to use this one also in my home.

I am currently set up with sensors and and switches only and would like to know if it were possible to add functionality to turn a switch off when max heat is reached as opposed to switching on a cooler (which I don’t have). :slight_smile:

Let me know.

Ulf Thomas

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If you don’t have a cooler, just don’t assign any switch to the cooler function. It will turn off the heater when the heat threshold is reached.

(Ulf Thomas) #13

Ahaaaa. That is great. :slight_smile: Thanks.

I have been testing it for awhile now and it does work - but it does notify me that it is turning off the heaters even thought the heaters are off. Could a check be added to disable this if the heaters are indeed off?

(Ulf Thomas) #14

Hi again.

I am seeing some every erratic behavior from your app. By that I mean that it looks like the app suddenly stops monitoring temp changes and that it doesn’t switch on or off any heaters. Then all of a sudden it will start again.

I.e. just now - when I’m at work I get a notification that the temp had increased but when I look into the history of the sensor I find 10+ temp events before this. Several of which should’ve either switch a heater on.

Please advise.



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SmartThings is an event driven setup. What means is that the SmartApp doesn’t poll the devices for temperature changes instead SmartThings notifies the app when the temperature changes then the app takes actions accordingly.

If you’re seeing that the temperature has changed in your device and nothing is happening with the SmartApp then it could be a few reasons

  1. The platform didn’t notify the app
  2. The app isn’t scheduled to be running/notified for the mode (check if you’ve set any mode restrictions on your SmartApp settings)

For the first one, one way to check would be open your ide Live Logs and see if the platform notifies the app when the temperate changes. If it doesn’t you’ll have to contact ST support to look into your account and find out why the platform isn’t nothing your app for your account (each account apps run independently).

It could be a temporarily platform issue caused by server load (for e.g. If this started recently or eratticly like you mentioned) and could fix itself after a few hours or days once the platform sorts out its load issues.

(Ulf Thomas) #16

Hi and thanks for your reply.

There is something strange all together going on here because if I create an instance of your app to monitor my living room sensor and setting the high temperature to 25, I am suddenly getting a notification that the heater has been switched off because the temperature has reached 24.6. Any suggestions on how to debug that one? :slight_smile:

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Check your SmartApp settings, heaters are connected to low temperature settings and not high. If you’re still facing an issue, please take a screenshot of the messages and SmartApp settings and eMail them to our support team to check out.

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Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 01.07.00

  • Enhanced the humidity and temperature management engine to make it hardier and also fixed a bug
  • Added ability for users to configure the swing thresholds for temperature and humidity (advanced settings)
  • Added sanity check for initialization on app start up and settings updates
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Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 01.07.01

  • Turn off all devices when mode changes to non operating mode

After updating to this version, open the SmartApp and click ‘Save’ for the changes to take effect

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(Jeffrey Bittel) #20

I would like to use this app for our upstairs bathroom. I have a decent fan I believe it moves 110 CFM. Unfortunately the bathroom is rather large and I don’t think the fan gets ran long enough to bring the humidity to an acceptable level. Compound this with living in Florida and I often end up with a mold problem. I would like the exhaust to run whenever the humidity rises above 60% and shut off when it drops below that target. What type of switch should I purchase for the fan, and can you recommend a humidity sensor that the batteries will last at least three months or better.


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For humidity there limited options, the Monorice 4 in 1 sensor or the ZooZ 4 in 1 sensor are options which have a battery life of between 2 to 4 months typically depending on how it’s configured (assuming you turn all or reduce sensitivity to all sensors except humidity you may get 6 months). You can also check out the Aeon multisensor 6 which also has about the same battery life.

As for the switch, assuming it’s an in wall switch, there are only a few choices, like a GE or a ZooZ switch. I would recommend going for a Z-Wave Plus switch.

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Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 01.08.00

  • Updated user interface
  • Improved support for thermostats (e.g. Ecobee, Nest, Centralite pearl)


  • Use different devices to control temperature
    • Thermostats
    • Heaters
    • Cooler/fans
  • Use different devices to control humidity
    • HVAC’s
    • Humidifiers
    • Dehumidifiers/exhaust fans
  • Temperature Management
    • Set high/low temperature thresholds
    • Set high/low humidity thresholds
    • Set temperature swing threshold
    • Set separate sensors for high/low temperature measurement
  • Humidity Management
    • Set high/low humidity thresholds
    • Set humidity swing threshold
  • Set upvto 3 weekly/daily operating schedules
  • Set operating modes
  • Send SMS to multiple recipients
  • Send push notifications

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Use Temperature Sensor to start Heater?

I have two ZTS-500’s running separate HVAC’s using Rboy Enhanced device handlers and the Ultimate Mode smartapp. One heat pump with auxiliary gas heat, and another heat pump based HVAC with auxiliary electric. Just to be clear, when I say auxiliary, my meaning is “emergency” modes. I’m at a bit of a loss as to how these thermostats are determining which mode to use. Looking at my logs I see an entry “auxiliaryemergencyHeat: false” on one of the thermostats, which is confusing since if anything I know for a fact the gas unit is working in emergency mode (it’s been cold!). The Remotec thermostat itself doesn’t seem to have any setting for auxiliary heating. Things may be working fine, but I am very confused. I see the toggle for “Emergency Heat” on the Rboy smartapp but it is not enabled. So how does the app, the thermostats, and my heat pumps all relate when it comes to emergency modes?

( - Make your home your butler!) #24

Good question, it can be a little tricky to understand this but me try to simplify it.

First the emergency heat / aux heat setting you’re seeing in the device preferences page only applies to CT-xxx thermostat. It’s part of the CT thermostat settings section as it a special setting that supported by those models only (see CT manual for more details on how it works).
ZTS (remotec) Thermostats have their own settings section and it does not support any special configuration related to emergency/aux heating.

Coming to what you’re seeing in the logs, that’s why the thermostat is reporting to ST, it’s not configured to support emergency heating. Since it reports it as false, you won’t see that option when you toggle the modes. Typically you’ll see, heat, cool, auto and off. If the thermostat reports that’s it supports emergency then you’ll see an additional mode as you toggle through them.

You’ll have to refer to your thermostat manual to see how to enable emergency/aux heating mode. You may need to exlude and re pair your device with the hub after making the changes to your themostat before it reports to ST that it supports that mode.
It’s possible that the Remotec thermostats don’t report this mode to ST, it’ll handle turning on/off the multi stage heating internally as part of the regular Heat mode (it’ll use a temperature differential to turn on/off multi stage heating).


I think you explained it quite well and I think I understand. I believe the key to Remotec is as you mentioned, some sort of internal set point difference. I’ve made an inquiry with Remotec for elaboration on their product since their manual mentions nothing about this topic beyond the various wiring configurations. If I learn anything relevant that I think might be informative for others I’ll add to this. Thank you for your time, and please keep up the good work!

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(Head of Support ( #26

Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling - Version 01.09.00

  • Fix issue when using multiple operating schedules
  • Check for invalid characters when entering multiple SMS numbers
  • Turn off devices at end of schedules only if they are configured to be used
  • Improved user interface
  • Added support for spoken notifications