Thermostat based on humidity

I am looking for a smartapp that I can use for turning on my HeatIT (under floor heating thermostat).
I tried with Webcore, but the termostat doesn’t turn off the heating as I would like.

I want to do the following:
IF the humidity is over 80% THEN turn on the Thermostat and set it to 28 degrees THEN set the thermostat to 17 degrees.

Is there any available smartApps that can do what I like or can someone guide me on this piston?

I am 100% positive the webCoRE will do this but you more than likely did not have it set up correctly. Post your Piston.


This doesn’t make sense.

Then set to 28 degrees then set to 17 degrees…

Is there something else that you want to trigger the 17 degrees portion?

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If you have access to RBoy Apps you can use this. App you can define the upper and lower (optional) limits of humidity and the device you need to control the humidity (heater, thermostat/hvac, dehumidifier etc) and it’ll use those device to keep your humidity under control.

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You have two thens. So, what is supposed to stop your piston in between the first then and the second then?

If Humidity High
then set to 28
then set to 17 

Without a stop function, you’re going to blow right past the 28 degree setting. Also , you don’t tell us what your piston says or what is actually happening.

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