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[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat

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The clock updates once every 60 seconds to stay no sync with the real time.


I too am new to Smartthings. I installed HousePanel. It works perfect on my desktop, but like the above poster, I am having trouble pushing the button/tile, sensitivity issues. Tried on 3 different devices.

Thank you for this app!

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I have the same issue and I’m working on a solution. I think the problem is caused by using the punch through JavaScript addon that makes touch events work in jQuery. You only need this to drag icons around on the page so I am thinking about activating this only when the browser is not a mobile device. Will post this fix later tonight. Will also try swapping the logic on unknown tiles so that the default is display:none for all but known things. Should fix lots of issues.

(Chris Wilson) #18

Hey Ken,
Thanks for the informative response - LOL I actually googled around for a weather tile - came across these smart weather control station apps and figured I needed a device to go with them and never read through the threads. Got it installed now looks good. Will check with my house panel setup when I get home if I can populate the weather tile.

A few more things I have noticed - My Hue smart white ambiance lights show up, however they are less than responsive to dimmer changes and me clicking the switch to turn them on / off with the tile labelled “light”. If I use the tile labelled switch they respond pretty effectively however without the ability to control the dim level.

VLC thing tile is slow to respond to button pushes for changing volume as well as it doesnt seem to properly read or toggle the mute state.

To the android touch issues I mentioned. I noticed the tiles are fully responsive if I just want to drag and move them, no issues with touch. Just trying to push them no response - if I drag it slightly out of position and then push it quickly it responds every time. Maybe this issue has to do with how they are setup to be easily dragged? (I really have no idea but can replicate this every time).

Not being able to use this on an android tablet will be a deal breaker for me unfortunately as it will not pass the WAF, however I love the design and customization that comes with this software, and would love to use it moving forward. Thank you for all your effort on this. It cant have been an easy task.

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Thanks - the touch issue is caused by the JavaScript library that I use to trick mobile devices into working with jQuery. I need to play with it to fix or implement a native touch feature that mimics the jQuery click and drag feature. An easy fix is to just disable the library on mobile devices and force users to use a desktop tablet drag icons around. I like that option because most people probably do not want end users to be reconfiguring the page anyway. I will work on this tonight.

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H[quote=“cwwilson08, post:18, topic:108342”]
VLC thing tile is slow to respond to button pushes for changing volume as well as it doesnt seem to properly read or toggle the mute state.

Can you tell me more about the VLC Thing? I don’t have one but hopefully can add one to help me troubleshoot it.

EDIT… found it.

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I posted a fix in a branch called “updateoptions” that also includes a fix to the default CSS that makes unknown tiles show up normally. I ended up leaving the touch library but changing the delay setting to 2 seconds which means it will be ignored unless you hold your finger down on the tile for 2 seconds. Otherwise it should register a regular screen touch. What was happening before was the punch through code was taking over and ignoring the regular screen touch. I threw this together pretty fast so I am leaving it in a separate branch for now on GitHub. You will need to reference the branch to get this patch. I will merge it into the master after more testing and fine tuning.


I will try it. Thanks

(Chris Wilson) #23

Hi Ken,
I have installed the updates, sadly this does not seem to do anything to improve the touch responsiveness on my android :(.

I so see a slight change change in the unknown tile behavior - they do not seem to have invisible tiles anymore - however the text for them still appears directly under the main tile.

My Hue lights actually do seem to respond - lol my son came and told me to quit messing with his lights. The tile doesn’t show state right or seem to respond visually in any way when accessed.

Currently I am seeing weather tile on one screen show proper information - the weather tile in a different room tab is not updating properly.

I hope me providing feedback is actually helpful :). If this is useless information please just let me know and I will desist. I really just want to help if I can and see if we can get this into a useable state for me. If there is anything I can do further to assist also please do let me know.



I am in the same boat as Chris. So close, but buttons aren’t responsive unless I click it several times, just so.

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Okay - next thing to try is to remove the punch through library altogether.

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Hi folks… please try it again. I disabled the punch through library. I think it should work better.- but the downside is you won’t be able to drag tiles around on the tablet. You will still be able to do so on a PC or Mac.

(Chris Wilson) #27

Hey Ken,
Just wanted to chime in. This new change has worked well for me. The tablet now responds to touches as good as the pc responds to click of the mouse. Thank you for your work on this.

I will be following closely - let me know if I can provide any help at all moving forward. I am willing to be a guinea pig.

And since I had not mentioned yet I wanted to say a great job on the documentation. I never would have attempted this if it had not been clear and concise on the first read through. I was able to get up and running with little issue.

Strong work all around!!!

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Works great for me too! Thank you SO much for all your work. THIS is exactly the panel I dreamed of when I bought SmartThings! Can’t wait to cutomize.

Yes, the documentation was very good.

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Thanks guys- appreciate the feedback. I’m still not totally happy with some things so I will continue tweaking. Thanks for being such great beta testers.

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I look forward to future updates :slight_smile:

Question though - Is there anyway to get housepanel to update device states manually? Seems that not all of my devices show proper state when i initially load the housepanel page. It takes a little over a minute for it to update all the icons to the proper state. Seems like a timed thing? could we have a tile to push that will update everything instantly perhaps?

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Yea this is one of the areas I am working on improving. Presently it updates but on a timer about once a minute as you said. But it does this by calling PhP and groovy api for each tile which is slow. I used to update them when you activate a Tab but that was also too slow. I am working on a manual refresh button and a new method to retrieve all the tiles status with a single api call that should be much faster. Then the timer can be every 15 seconds instead of once a minute. Ideally I would call the api to refresh the screen when events happen but there is no way for the groovy code to know the rPI address to call and it is likely not able to get through a firewall. Still researching. Stay tuned.

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Your feedback is priceless… keep it coming!!!


I have been working on my panel today. So far so good, but I dont have very many devices. It takes time, but I will have the look I want.

I’ve been able to figure most things out. Will add screenshot when it’s closer to being setup.

Yes, a refresh or api call would be very helpful!

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You might consider removing some rooms since you have a small number of devices. The wiki explains how to do this by editing the hmoptions.cfg file and re-uploading my it to your server. One or two tabs will probably suffice for a small number of devices.