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RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)


(ilker Aktuna) #849

which file you mean ?
your code generally connects to your own server (, not directly to the ivona server.
so I don’t know what your server does. probably the real code forming the signature is running on your server, no ?

btw, I just checked your github codes and see that you have removed the code calling
so even that does not exist in the code. where can I find it ?

(Ule) #850

Hi, it´s just a way to allow compatibility with all media renderers, some MR have problems to make the direct call, but the signature it’s made in groovy code to keep the credentials privacy.

def sha256Hash(text) {“SHA-256”).digest(text.bytes).collect { String.format("%02x", it) }.join(’’)

def hmac_sha256(byte[] secretKey, String data) {
try {
Mac mac = Mac.getInstance(“HmacSHA256”)
SecretKeySpec secretKeySpec = new SecretKeySpec(secretKey, “HmacSHA256”)
byte[] digest = mac.doFinal(data.bytes)
return digest
catch (InvalidKeyException e) {
log.error “Invalid key exception while converting to HMac SHA256”

I have other call with Alexa, and that method use a server side code , but Alexa its different than Ivona .

(ilker Aktuna) #851

Thanks for the code.

Here you sent 2 functions: sha256Hash and hmac_sha256
But neither one calls the other.
So how shall I form the request ? Which function shall I call with which parameter ?


(ilker Aktuna) #852

Thanks for the code.

Here you sent 2 functions: sha256Hash and hmac_sha256
But neither one calls the other.
So how shall I form the request ? Which function shall I call with which parameter ?



Thank you for this App/device handler! I wasn’t able to get smarrtthings to detect my Sonos Connect Amp but once I installed Media Renderer (aka DNLA Player) I was able to use it with my Sonos just fine. However, now I want to have notifications but “Speaker Companion” doesn’t think I have a speaker installed for some reason.

Looking at the code for speaker companion (speaker notify with sound) it seems it is looking for which DNLA Player has.

  	input "sonos", "capability.musicPlayer", title: "On this Speaker player", required: true

I am confused as to why my sonos added with DNLA player is not showing up as a speaker option when attempting to install Speaker Notify With Sound

(Denis Grabocka) #854

Has anyone seen these ??? do you think they can work i with this generic media renderer just like the Sonos speakers?? i think it will be an awesome alternative

Thank you


(Ule) #855

I have used speaker notify app with dlna player and works fine, I think your speaker have not been installed properly, try to uninstall and install again.

(Pizzinini) #856

I have bought many of these wifi DLNA connectors… all around $30 but I ended up throwing them all out after a while because they were not reliable and disconnected from Wifi too often or had some other quirks like cutting off messages. The only one that has been consistently performing well for that price of less then $50 are the Fabriq speakers (go to for additional colors. Sound and volume is great for the price and I never had them disconnect.


I have a Sonos Connect Amp. The Sonos app won’t recognize it. Only Media
Renderer will recognize it. But through media renderer it shows the song
playing and I can start and stop music. I have tried uninstalling and
re-installing several times to no avail.

(ilker Aktuna) #858

Thanks for the code.

Here you sent 2 functions: sha256Hash and hmac_sha256
But neither one calls the other.
So how shall I form the request ? Which function shall I call with which parameter ?

I know that you don’t want to spend your time on this but I am hopeless. I really need help.


( Cosmo) #859

is anyone using this with webcore?
I cant get TTS to work with webcore. help

(llcanada) #860

Anyone else having problems TTS not working it seems that after the update mine stop?

(Mark) #861

Thanks for the apps!

Is there any chance you could add GitHub integration please? I think you just need to change the folder name bu there may be more to it of course



(Bartek) #862

I have a problem with bubbleupnp server on my android shield tv. Whenever there is a power outage and shield is restarted along with buubleupnp server, media renderers are not preserved, and i have to check ‘Create a DLNA renderer’ again for my google home. The big problem is that even if i do so, then generic media renderer in smartthings doesn,t recognize previous instance but finds a new one, and any of my configured CORE pistons doesn,t work to say anything.

Have anyone experienced such problem? And dealt to resolve it anyhow?

(Ule) #863

hi, some virtual dlna speaker change the unique id each time is started or restarted, then smartthings can not find the player.

(Stephen Ross) #864

Yeah, I also purchased it from New Egg. At first it didnt work with ST but then after a while it seemed it was supported.


I’m seeing the exact same problem as @mariley. I’m 99% the app currently in the SmartApps marketplace is a completely different app from that I used to use, and if I try to add new instances of what is now called Speaker Companion, it won’t list my existing player when I choose “Play a notification” or “Play weather report”.

Oddly, if I choose “Control - play/stop/pause/skip” it does list the existing player. What’s more, all my old notifications created with the previous Speaker Notify with Sound app continue to work fine.

I’ve also noticed that there is no code for anything called Speaker Companion in the SmartThingsPublic repo, and the code for Speaker Notify with Sound was last updated 2 years ago, so I suspect installing that app in the IDE rather than using the (closed source?) app currently in the Marketplace would actually restore it to the previous working functionality.

(Ule) #866

Try my app called MediaRenderer events, maybe can help you

[Updated] Media Renderer Events, play messages, radio stations, tracks, sounds

(Pizzinini) #867

Sorry for the high level response… I don’t have all the technical details, but if you search more in the forum you will probably find them.

Smartthings supports 2 types of sound devices: “Music Players” and “Speech Synthesis”. The speaker companion app only supports “Speech synthesis” devices. @ule 's app supports both.

(Tyler) #868

Silly question but how exactly do I test/troubleshoot this? I’ve connected fine and the control functions such as stop, play, volume, etc work fine, but I can’t get any of the text to speech events to work.