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RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)


(Ule) #809

Hi, Thanks for advise

please change the url from to

(Ule) #810


I have updated the media renderer events

(ilker Aktuna) #811

thanks. it works now.
would it be better if you could move the php file to some free an unlimited service like dropbox etc. ?

(Hendre) #812

Hi Ule
Will this require a major update? I’m using multiple squeezebox players and this will be a fantastic solution to use all those Boxes with ST.

(John) #813

Doesn’t the Beta version handle this? I changed to that one and it addressed the issue. Note I raised the same issue re host:port being used as the key in the player map in the git project.

(John) #814


@ule could you comment? Any idea why no responses are being received and the devices all drop into “NO PRESENT” ?



I have an Axom Striimlight which I’m trying to get to play basic sounds / notifications etc… I have detected the speaker in mediarender with no problems. I’ve tried Media Renderer Events and created Core Pistons but cannot get any sound from the speaker. I have found the following in the logs for the speaker:

Skipping event generation for sound file

Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?

(Ule) #816

Hi. The beta was just a test, its not full working, due ST network id, its necessary to have a controller to send the info to each speaker.

(Ule) #817

1.- In speaker config select a music genre
2.- Select Genre in last icon from speaker buttons.
3.- Select Play station,

If your speaker can play music from the radio station, the speaker its working fine.

Then you can use the MR Events,


Thanks. TTS works perfectly with MR Events when I change the TTS settings to use Google :slight_smile:

However, I’m also seeing the same error ( Skipping event generation for sound file when trying to use the speaker in a CoRE piston.

Is it possible to use speakers set up in MR within CoRE?

(Ule) #819

Hi , Skipping event generation for sound file is not an error, its a message to inform the event will not be saved in track list because its a voice message and not a music file

google TTS is not the best, just 100 chars and not always works, its better SmartThings or Voice RSS

(John) #820

Any plans to fix? I’d be lying if i said i understood the issue re the ST architecture or for that matter the UPNP/DLNA protocol. Why can’t each Device simply refer to the same Squeeze server, which acts as a proxy? What is preventing the communication being passed back from Squeeze server to the Device properly? ST IP Devices don’t need to be unique host:port do they?


(Brad) #821

Like the idea of the app. Tried using in conjunction with my Sony STR-DN1050 Networked Stereo Receiver and I was able to adjust volume and mute/unmute…however the status was not real time updated on the ST app and after the initial use it just says NOT PRESENT for status, but still seemed to control the volume settings just fine. I guess I had my hopes up and have to look into this more to see if I can make it work better with that unit.

(Ule) #822


Are you using the last release?

maybe your speaker its not sending the report file, try to use watchdog to update the media renderer.


Any idea why the TTS plays on the speaker but is not complete? It only plays about 1 second of audio and stops rather than then entire message. logs indicate that the audio coming from google translate is complete. but dlna device only plays the first second.

(Nigel Linnett) #824

Hi @Ule,

Is this something you’re actively working on? Is there anyway that we could help? This is a very useful smartapp you’ve writen.

(Ule) #825

Hi. Some MR are so slow to start to play the message, in config you can add some time before message to avoid partial messages.

The MR do some steps,

1.- Receive the audio url and the duration time
2.- Stop
3.- Load the url
4.- Play until duration time
5.- Stop
6.- Play the previous audio if something was playing before message

ST is very limited and the duration time its a constant , if your MR is so slow to load and play the message the duration time going to reach before to play the entire sound.

you can try a bigger message to verify if the message cuts always at same time or just in the last part of a message.


how do you add some time before message?

(Ule) #827

Just write the seconds you want to delay in config section of your mediarenderer.


it does not seem to make any difference.