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RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

This is excellent work! Would you willing to post the full modified code for the sonos that can play long text?

I am not a coder, so this would be much appreciated!

Does the weather underground read out in your chosen language?

Would I still need to delete the Smartthings sonos device handler?

I think it will be better if @ule would comment on this.
I made a workaround for myself and it uses static definitions (Turkish for language and my own api access credentials)

Also, I am not a coder ; I just copied ule’s work and made slight modifications. So , my code is not perfect. I really would like some coder to check if it is a good solution.

But if you want my code “as is” , I can of course share…

Ok thanks @mrmrmrmr, I just wanted your code as an example to see what lines to paste your modified code onto @ule original code!

Then I can code my desired language and set my personal weather underground location myself!


ok. just send me your email address with a private message; I will send my customized code to you.
Since, ule did not respond, I believe he doesn’t have any other suggestions.

If I select “scheduled time” on the weather announcement app , it is repeating the announcement until next minute and it takes like 15 times for a short announcement. Is there an option to disable it ?

“once per day” could solve this issue but on the other hand it would be nice to have it at least 2 or 3 times repeat.

I have the Raspberry Pi working with this to local speakers out the audio jack. (See Post 432 above). Has anyone created a recipe/documentation to have the Pi with a USB bluetooth dongle be the audio source, then pair with things like an Amazon Echo?

I would love to double-dip on my Pi and have it running both Homebridge and this, since my Pi is in the basement, and it was only tested with headphones.


HI @NHENRY , try this

The weather app is great! @ule. I got the media renderer events to play in the British ivona voice today, which sounded fantastic!

My rule machine, rules TTS still play in American, even though the Smartthings Sonos app is removed, I had selected the your generic media renderer Sonos device within the rule machine app!

Is there anyway to set the default voice to British English ivona voice, as the default for all external Smartthings apps?

HI @NHENRY, I need to do some changes in player to add ivona voice to device handler.

Until ule makes the modification on the device handler, you can use the one I had sent you. I had added Ivona to the device handler. It’s just static set to Turkish. Just change the ______ in the code.

Thanks @mrmrmr, i completely missed the bits to insert extra details in the code, in the device handler, but saw it in the weather app!

This will be amazing if I can get the TTS ivona selected accent to work globally, controlled by the text input within rule machine :slight_smile:

@ule has done a great job with this app!

Having the ability to set a global TTS service on the device handler would be a killer addition to an already great app! Especially for those of us without any coding skills!


Did you get the voicerss to work as well? I can get the Bell or dogs barking but not voice. I guess I need to debug!


I couldn’t find how to make DLNA renderer play a specific song.
Is that supported ?

I installed the app and then I have the speaker showing up but as soon as I do the set trigger like motion at a certain location no sound starts on my bravia tv

Hi Jeet, Try to use the app

Hi @mrmrmrmr, You can use any DLNA control point to send music to your speaker, after that all the url tracks are saved inside the device, you can select some tracks to play when some event occurs, The ST is not a control point for music, you must to use a dedicated control point to select your music (read first post)

Hi @royleonard, try to use

@ ULE,

What happened to the custom TTS announcements?

Custom messages that were configured previously are still working a long as you don’t make any changes.