RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

Hi @Ule,

Is this something you’re actively working on? Is there anyway that we could help? This is a very useful smartapp you’ve writen.

Hi. Some MR are so slow to start to play the message, in config you can add some time before message to avoid partial messages.

The MR do some steps,

1.- Receive the audio url and the duration time
2.- Stop
3.- Load the url
4.- Play until duration time
5.- Stop
6.- Play the previous audio if something was playing before message

ST is very limited and the duration time its a constant , if your MR is so slow to load and play the message the duration time going to reach before to play the entire sound.

you can try a bigger message to verify if the message cuts always at same time or just in the last part of a message.

how do you add some time before message?

Just write the seconds you want to delay in config section of your mediarenderer.

it does not seem to make any difference.

Try to check if your speaker have some known issue

Hi Again…

I got a AudioCast WiFi player. It works perfect playing the chosen RadiTrack from the ST list (trance\blues etc…) but I cant choose my own music.

Is it possible to pick ONE radio station in ST?
And is it possible to make it play from Spotify ?


The DLNA system needs a control point who send the media to speaker, you must to use your control point to send any radio station and the DLNA Player will storage the url, you can use that url from apps like MediaRenderer Events

I dont think its possible to use Spotify unless your speaker use some kind of url to reprocess the spotify request.

@ule I’ve been unable to integrate the repo as well. I’m no expert when it comes to GitHub or its ST integration, but looking at a few other ST repositories, it looks like SmartThings is expecting a devicetypes and a smartapps folder, with the respective files in each. Is there any chance you’d update your repository accordingly? It would make updating easier for those of us with that integration in place.

That said, I’ve enjoyed the Media Renderer and DLNA player so far and am using them with VLC player on a PC to play TTS notifications from SmartThings. Thanks for your hard work!

Has anyone had any luck using Samsungs range of speakers? I have announcements working without issue, but lost any ability to send URLs to their speakers for internet radio (R Lite WAM1400 variant). Just get nothing. My Pure Jongos were great for this, but bad for use with announcements.

Any advice greatfully accepted :slight_smile:

I’ve had a similar experience - could not get the Multiroom speakers to do much, but at least it did announcement fairly well. So I replaced my Multirooms with Denon Heos speakers, but as far as ST are concerned, that was a step backwards. Still can’t get stuff like url play working, but they don’t do announcements properly either.

I’m going ok with announcements using big talker, it’s not to bad on that front. But been scouring everywhere I can regarding the streaming of radio or music (outside of the Music app). Sadly to no avail :sweat:

I second this (request for allowing github repository to integrate with smartthings IDE). Wonderful work on this project. Would love integration between IDE and Github if that is an option.

Before I came across this thread I’d assumed this was an error and contacted Tech Support for Smartthings since the earlier iterations of Speaker Companion (Notify with Sonos and Notify with Sound) worked fine – but the Smartthings rep told me that Speaker Companion requires that the device handler support an “audionotification” capability for Speaker Companion to recognize the audio device.

I don’t know enough yet to know if incorporating this new requirement is reasonable, but if so I imagine it would be great to enable full support of the stock Smartthings speaker app.

In the meantime I plan to try out alternative apps (e.g. the Events app, or maybe I can find a copy of the old Notify with Sound code).

Thanks again for your work on this. It is such a great tool for the community.

SqueezeBox Radio confirmed 50/50 working…


  • volume slider
  • mute/unmute
  • Notifications work only in “MSG Enabled” status

NOT working:

  • resume play after notification is spoken
  • play/stop/prev/next
  • what does the last icon do? “Normal/Station/Genre”

@ule , today I noticed that my TTS messages in Turkish do not play. I’ve checked in logging if the URL is formed correctly and saw that it is normal. I opened the URL on browser and I got a player but it does not play anything.
Is there a problem on your server ( ?

This might have started earlier (yesterday) and I might have noticed today.


I am trying to find an alternative Turkish TTS engine. But all of them are paid ones.
Does anyone know free and multilingual TTS engine ?

@ule , what is the problem on your server ?

hi @mrmrmrmr, The problem is not my server, the Ivona Server has deprecated the free service. you can verify your Ivona account for information

@ule I have received the information about Ivona from them. But they did not disable the service as far as I know. Am I wrong ?

Btw , will you change the service to Amazon Polly for multilingual support ?
I am trying to figure out how I can use Amazon Polly in your code but I could not understand their API.

I have tried ispeech with your code and it works but ispeech is too expensive for home use.

with Amazon Polly , I am especially having difficulty understanding their request signing method. They’ve explained it here with steps :

Polly speech synth request: (api reference)

signing API request:

but I don’t understand the signing parameters. I’d appreciate any help here if you can understand it.

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@ule I am really having bad time with this missing feature. If I had not got used to it , maybe I wouldn’t even care but I was really used to having announcements in my own language. How can we solve this ?

p.s . I am willing to subscribe to a low-cost tts service. and Amazon Polly is good for the price. But I don’t know how to use it through Groovy code.


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