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[RELEASE] Amcrest IPM-721 & IP2M-841 LIVE Video/PTZ/Night Vision/Motion/Video Record/+More IP Camera DTH



Did you not upgrade to v3? What did you have to change to make it work in your environment?
If I’m missing something in v3 that could make it work for more people, that’s what I’m all about!

@thom, it’s been a while so hopefully you’ve found something that works for you, but that send trigger to blue iris app, as well as profile/mode syncing and a ton of other features are all rolled into the BI Fusion app I wrote and @Belgarion recommended. It’s goal is to only have to enter an input once, and streamline setup when you have multiple cameras. So you only need one app and type your password and IP once, etc. Hop over to the forum to see if your interested and feel free to message me for help.

(David) #546

@JMZ, I just upgrade to V3 last week and got rid of all of the hacks that I added to the old version.

Nice work on V3… good stuff! Using V3 for the camera motion sensors and the mode switching, coupled with the native BI viewing app, my DTH is no longer a “missing piece” of my setup. All 8 Amcrest cameras are happy again. :+1:


Hey cool!!! I just pushed an update in the last hour or so, I had a handful of lingering medium sized bugs in PTZ and polling. It seems to be fixed now though.

Glad they’re humming along well!! You might have the biggest collection I’ve heard of, definitely a test of your network, Blue Iris, SmartThings, and BI Fusion! Super :sunglasses:

(John Johnston) #548

Hi folks. Has there been a workaround to use Amcrest cameras with ST. Or do you need to run it through iris app.

(David) #549

Blue Iris. No other stable workaround that I have found.

(John Johnston) #550

Thanks David. Is iris the program that you have to have running 24/7 on a pc?

(Mark) #551

It’s blue iris, as @Belgarion mentioned. And yes it will need to be running on an always-on PC.

Assuming you want your IP camera system to be available for viewing/recording 24/7.

Iris is the name of the home automation system sold exclusively at Lowe’s, FYI.

(Paul Wagaman) #552

Is it possible to downgrade the Amcrest firmware if needed in order for this DTH to work? I’ve had a lot of stability issues using BI and thought it would be something worth trying, but I don’t want to brick a camera in the process.

(Nart) #553

Hi @Belgarion arion, I have an Amcrest camera and initially installed your app then I tried blue iris from @JMZ but I must be missing something. I’m very new to ST so sorry for the noob questions. Is it possible for you to guide me on how to setup amcrest camera using BI on ST? TIA


First set up your Amcrest camera as usual in Blue Iris. Then follow the FAQ in the BI Fusion thread and the detailed instructions it links to on github. The instruction set it really detailed, but let me know if you are having trouble.

(Nart) #555

Thanks for replying. Had the worst luck. My hard drive on my cpu died on me so need to order a new one. Will update once I get my “BI server” up.

(Eric Anderson) #556

Prehaps this document can help with digest authentication

Look here