[RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

That’s because you’re supposed to be working at work… :wink:


So I have just been using ActionTiles for a few days now after anxiously waiting for my invite code to show up and I don’t even know where to start…

:flushed: I can’t choose the right word here …impressed …grateful …thankful so I say them all to the ActionTiles team that put this remarkable product out. I could not have dreamt how incredible this product was going to be in improving on the standard SmartThings user interaction experience. Bravo for a job done with excellence! :clap:


The invite queue is now under 7 days long (and likely to shorten quickly as we are ramping up to full-speed).

###If you Subscribed prior to March 9th and haven’t received an Invitation email:

  • Please be sure to have confirmed your email list subscription by using the confirmation link in the email that is sent to you almost instantly when you subscribe.

  • If you didn’t receive a confirmation, then you used the wrong email address or the confirmation went to spam.

  • Even if you’ve confirmed, the Invitation itself may be in your spam folder: http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/910-where-is-my-actiontiles-invitation-code/

  • We force resend the confirmation requests once or twice at most (after several days); since otherwise … we are actually spamming :confounded:

  • Please do not report our emails as “spam” or “abuse”, as that could make it more likely for emails to be flagged as spam for other people, including critical emails like password reset requests for the app! :pray:


Is there anyways to make the clock text bigger? Right now its too small for a 2-tile clock. Thanks


Where could I get some tips on how to set up my tiles? I was hoping to have live weather map along with video streams from my cameras. And also traffic cams for my commute. Maybe some other features as well but I’m not exactly sure how to do these thing so help would be greatly appreciated.

My panels keep dissaperaing. Everyone once in a while everything I have done just dissaperas like I never did it. Is this happening to other people as well?

Not disappearing per se - just seems to be down

Did we go belly-up? Blank screen here.

UPDATE: … aaand it’s back.

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Our cloud provider has been suddenly been reporting as many as 2 or 3 outages per day of 5 to 10 minutes each, but not affecting all nodes.

There is no outage listed at the time of your post, @Nezmo; but we’re keeping notes of even random small reports in case a pattern shows up that we can escalate. Our own logs also being analyzed.

At this time, we don’t have any indication that ActionTiles is being frequently affected, so this is not in the realm of “serious” at all.

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What’s your internet connection like?

Please email Support@ActionTiles.com if you would to collect further data for your specific situation (This has not been widely reported). Please include as much detail as possible… hardware, OS, browser, frequency of the problem, any steps you do before or after, etc.; i.e., all the basic things that are important for diagnostics.


Certainly today was the only time it has been more than just slow to load. By the latter I mean it would hesitate for a few seconds then refresh - nothing I would consider a real issue. When I reported earlier it hung on the refresh icon for about a minute then went to a blank screen. I refreshed the browser and it returned all my tiles but with '?" on each then another refresh got a blank screen again. After a few minutes all was well. I can’t tell when it started though.

Just though I’d give a little more detail.


We have confirmation from our infrastructure vendor of “connectivity issues”. They say 1430h to 1520h PDT, but your observation was earlier. Still, it’s likely the same problem.

This is a situation in which I would have updated https://status.ActionTiles.com … (1) if it were ready, and (2) if we were actually able to confirm the issue before it was fixed! :grimacing:

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Is there a limit on number of Blue Iris streams? I tried to put about 6 or 7 tiles but can only get 3 or 4 to load. The rest are blank…

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There’s a confirmed bug with Chrome that only allows to load up to 6 video streams from the same server/IP. For a number of reasons, the limit of 6 gets used up even with fewer than 6 Tiles that display Blue Iris streams. We have a workaround in the pipeline to remedy this.

For now, the only workaround is to use a different browser.

Testing out the new ActionTiles. Like the functionality so far.

So what is the best method to report issues / interact with you gents on support?

Here is my issue in brief:

Sharing a panel with two simple routine tiles.
I have it set to interactive mode for secondary user.
Using this panel with the primary account, click the routine tile - the routine executes.
Using this panel with the secondary account, click the routine tile - nothing executes.

Use the support forum.



Welcome JH!

Thanks for providing the link @diehllane

The root link starts you off at our Knowledge Base, but we recommend our Support & Ideas Forum as the next step when the KB doesn’t have an answer…

Starting point…

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Posted issue at link. Unsure if it is bug or I am doing something wrong.

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Before your recent update to the ActionTiles website, and after spending money on two tablets in anticipation, I was rather dismayed when it wouldn’t work with android 5.1.1 and android 4.4.4 using Fully Kiosk Browser, and three other kiosk browsers, speaking with Alexey he said it can only be the ActionTiles website not strictly following Android guidelines, anyway whatever you did in the last update fixed it, so apart from nearly getting a heart attack (which I thought are what beta testers are for), please don’t break that update in the future.
The only thing I would add would be to change the tile colour when they are on, so you don’t have to look real close at the panel to check what’s going on. The default panel, for me, is the only sensible option, the others are messy, for extreme tastes. I would put OS compatibility versions on your site now so people will know exactly what works with the ActionTiles website. I’m happy everything is working now like I expected.

Probably asking in wrong place but anyone else having problems none of my switches have worked for hours get error message saying response delayed