[Release} A Better Weather Custom Device Handler With Multiple Locations

This is a custom device handler that allows you to get weather related info from more than just your hub location. It also works with webCore. You can build pistons based on the attributes in the handler. Smartthings and webCore can get this information for the hub location, but is more difficult to get info for locations away from your hub. Thus the reason I built this. I used the smart weather tile device handler as a spring board to get me started and it went from there. Thank You TAKISSD !
I am a person that would rather use point and click than try to hash away at syntax to get information that I want. Most of what is available from digital weather undergrouind is here as an attribute.

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This looks great, thank you.
Will it work with ActionTiles?

Edit: Tried it in ActionTiles. Doesn’t seem to be able to provide any information to AT apart from Temperature and Humidity, but it is not possible to select a location.

No temp and humidity only. Have to use webcore to select location or the smartthings app directly. Can’t find a device capability that will allow for more from action tiles really never tried it wi AT. Maybe will look at that next

In the smartthings mobile app, open thedevice and tap on the icons to change locations, ie the lighthouse, cabin, or cactus. Which ever one is active it will “light up” and others dim

Thanks for your response. I was actually referring to not being able to choose a location in ActionTiles when using your DTH.