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Recommended In-Wall Switches (Mexico)

Hello Everybody! I’m new at HA and Smartthings but I most say I’m impressed on how easy it was to set everything up and start doing things. Now my mind started to wonder all the stuff that could be accomplished and it got me into a bit of a dilema so I would like to ask the suggestions from the more experienced users.

I’, checking out prices and deciding if I should go the way of Philips Hue or put In-Wall switches but if switches are the way, which ones would your recommend?

I have some “3 way” switches, like some stairs which you con turn on at the bottom or at the top of them. I also have a couple of them that have 3 rockers for controlling 3 different sets of lights.

SO which way to go and if In-Wall is the better option, which models wold ou recommend for 3 way, 3 rockers and some single ones?

Thank you for all the help you can give to this newbie.

What country are you in?

I live in Mexico

I have no idea about availability in Mexico but have a look for the Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules (my personal preference).

Where you can I suggest you use smart switches (or modules) rather than smart bulbs.

Smart bulbs have their use cases (where the switch is awkward to access or you want RGB colours) but generally stuck with smart switches otherwise.

We can get here anything thats sold on Amazon.

How about if I use those eco friendly FLC lights?

Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules work with almost any load up to 250W. If your lamps are not Dimmable then you simply disable the dimming function of the module and use it as an on/off device.

They also work well in many (not all) 3 way situations only requiring one module to cover the whole circuit.

I’m from the UK where we have no neutral at the switch, 240v and square switch boxes, so we are very very limited for choice… I’m therefore somewhat biased towards Fibaro.

You have much more choice (assuming you have neutrals at the switch) so maybe look at alternatives such as the GE (budget option, requires physical traveler wires for 3 way add on switch) or Linear/gocontrol, which are designed specifically for virtual three-way.

There are also more expensive brands like Leviton and Cooper.

Others on here like @JDRoberts are much more knowledgeable on these options though.

(Edit: Thank You @JDRoberts for correcting me on GE switches requiring physical travelers / being fairly cheap and unreliable -Updates made above.)

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Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with residential wiring in Mexico beyond three things

  1. it’s usually a similar voltage to the US

Two) wire colors are completely random, so you have to test every leg of every circuit to know what’s what. It’s not uncommon to remove a light switch and find that all the wires are colored white.

Three) grounding is very different from the US.

Because of number three, I just don’t know whether US z wave switches Will work safely there or not.

If you feel that the house provides equivalent grounding for switches to US electrical code, then you will have a lot of choices.

See the following topic. The light switch discussion starts around post 40. :sunglasses:

Hopefully someone more familiar with the region will chime in.

Thank you guys for your comments.

@JDRoberts you are very right about wiring colors, its always a mess but you can always see what the current switch looks like and follow from there, As of grounding, usually any US working product works down here too.

I’ll into the link you provided and give me feedback here.

HA is growing in Mexico so I guess what I end up doing might help others.

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