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I am in total agreement and of course safety is paramount. :slight_smile: My post was merely stating that it seems we differ on what the term “modifications” qualifies as. Your earlier response to @anon36505037 implies that his Fibaro smart switch installation required coming up to current code. I don’t think swapping to a smart switch using existing wiring qualifies as “modification” in code?

It might, depending of a lot of factors. It was not a blanket statement.
Among other things NEC (code) also limits the number of wires in a switch/outlet box, depending on the box volume.
The way I do things could be different from other people. For safety reasons I always try to go by NEC.
But this outside OP. Let’s leave it there.

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I’ll be honest, I haven’t had the chance to do more yet. What I really need to do it check out the wiring to see what option is better. I will probably start with some smart lightbulbs, easiest to install at this point. Then will look into light switches to build out the automation.


I finally found time to look at my switch box, this is just one, it’s actually for my dining room. I’m not encouraged by what I see, but I’d be interested in other opinions. Specifically, I noted that there is indeed no ground wire and only 2 wires to the switch. Last there seems to be a white wire in the box, but it is just going through doesn’t connect to anything. Thoughts?

On another note, by hub comes today and I can’t wait to start setting it up. I bought some Osram bulbs to try out first, but am still interested in connected switches.


The fact that there’s a white wire there does not mean it’s a neutral, unfortunately.

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I had that exact thought. I’ll have to get out the multimeter and check

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