Range of ST Hub

I was wondering the range of the ST hub. I have 2 floodlights on the garage that I would like to replace with smart floods. The garage is at least 100ft from the hub. I was thinking of replacing the switches but is a 3 way and I would need 2 switches. I checked the wall boxes and one does not have room for a smart switch, it is an old metal box and not very large. Do you think this would work? Do the Sengled A19’s repeat the signal? I have one on the deck that would be closer to the garage than the hub. Is there a zigbee repeater that I could install outside? Thanks for any advice.

Sengleds do not repeat. I don’t know of an outdoor zigbee device :thinking:

My garden is 100 feet long, and there is no signal at all in my garden room. Did some testing, and it barely managed 30 feet… though, of course, YMMV,

This post covers automating devices in an outbuilding, but can apply to any situation in which the device is far from the hub.