Random strange behavior on zigbee devices

Last few days I have been experiencing random devices showing in the app as being ON. Mostly zigbee bulbs (sengled) with the stock edge driver. I check the light to see if it is in fact on but it is not. One of those light is on my furnace room and the only automation is to turn on if motion detected by a motion sensor unique to that area. The motion sensor doesn’t show any motion during the day but the light shows turned on in the history, also the advance web interface shows it was turned on and even my alexa app shows that is on. This has happened with other bulbs (same brand) where nothing trigger them to turn on but the app shows as on. Also, another issue with a Tuya zigbee blind motor actually opening without being triggered by an automation (i only have one to open at sunrise and close at sunset) this happened around 5pm and in the middle of the night on separate ocasions. Any idea what could be happening. I have over 50 zigbee devices including light switches and plugs to function as repeaters. My hub is the V3. I have 161 devices and 23 edge drivers installed.

two recommendations:

I actually had Mariano’s driver on those bulbs but for some reason, I had issues with the size because every time I installed it, it gave me a warning about memory but using the stock driver, didn’t. I will give it another try.