Qube LED Bulb device handler?

Hi all,
Just received my Indiegogo wifi smart bulbs and after a quick search in the wiki and the community I did not find any content except for a few references to the offering.

Has anyone been working to integrate the Qube lighting into SmartThings? Since they are wifi not sure how difficult this will be.

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Another Qube owner here who is interested in integration with Smartthings, Alexa, IFTTT… anything to make them a useful part of my HA.
I waited 2 years for this start-up to deliver products with an original ship date of 4/15 and am more than slightly disappointed they didn’t use that time to work on any partnerships.
The bulbs are ok but BT syncing to enable presence/proximty is not yet working so a clunky automated timer function is the extent of their ‘Smart’ abilities.

There are several hundred thousand other backers who might also be interested in a device handler to allow control.

Please help! :confused: