Purpose of custom "SmartThings" Arlo mode?

Has Arlo fixed the delay issue that people have spoke of in the past?

sorry to res this! How are you viewing the footage in the ST app?

Ugh, this is a mess.
I have two Arlo Qs.
I am using Smartthings presence detection to Arm and Disarm. This is working. When I leave the system “Arms”, when I come back the system “Disarms”, however the cameras keep recording and push-notifying.

I would assume since I’m letting SmartThings app determine when to arm and disarm, there should be a settings based on each mode.
I expect I should be able to fine-tune alert behavior in SmartThings for both Armed and Disarmed separately.
Am I dense? Am I missing something?

Depending on how you have this setup it should work as this is how I use mine also. I don’t think you’re able to do it in SHM so I setup routines that are based off presence. When all the presence sensors leave it arms SHM, turns off lights and turns on the cameras. When I arrive a different routine disables SHM and turns off the cameras. I have 2 other routines which arm and disarm the system based on time schedules ie at bedtime and right before I wake. These too turn on the camera only the outside ones as I don’t need video of me in my boxers getting a glass of water :). I then have SHM set to record the specific cameras based on motion when it’s armed. This setup seems to be working OK, other than the settings getting reverted back to default on the sensitivity by ST everyday.

Yes. I was using the same setup and had only 2 issues. #1 was the constant revert to default settings. And #2 was the extreme delay to start recording. My newspaper delivery person could walk up driveway to door, drop paper and get almost out of picture before recording would start.

OMG I can’t tell you how many pictures / videos of the back of my UPS driver I have. I agree it is very annoying and I’ve started working on building a dedicated motion sensor with a snoot on it start the capture earlier. Part of my problem with my front door camera is where it’s positioned (only real option) someone has to walk straight at the camera and then 8 feet away make a short 90 turn to come to my door. I don’t think the camera is detecting them until that 90 turn and by the time it starts they tossed the box and are walking back. I’m trying to use a dedicated motion sensor to determine movement on my driveway while they are on the approach from 30 feet away and trigger Arlo with that. Hopefully by the time it gets through the delay and starts recording they’ll be just approaching the 90 turn. In theory.

I understand the delay with Arlo is related to the low power mode it idles in but they should give the users an option of batteries be damned mode or if we hardwired it so that the delay is eliminated.

This is also my problem. I set it up so it only records when SHM tells it too but I’m always getting motion detection push notifications or emails. I set up a dummy email like others have suggested, wake up in the morning and boom, 10,000 push notifictions on my phone and everything in the Arlo app has reverted to default. Has anyone found a way to stop this happening yet?

Sorry if someon posted the same answer, but I solved leaving “push notification” on in the “Smartthings rule”, and disabling every notification from the Arlo app (which at this point I don’t need anymore. This way motion sensors works all the time and I can use them in ST smart apps and pistons.

They’re slower than a zwave sensore (like Aeotec Multisensor 6) but still ok for turning on the porch light when someone approaches and similar.

Thanks, I followed the example but I seem to only get 10 seconds of video. Trying to change the duration in Alro App doesn’t work. How do I setup Smartthings to record for 2 minutes, or some other duration? (I’ve messed with it for an hour, and am too ignorant to figure it out…sorry) Ie: trying to get outside cam to record at night and inside only when I’m “away” and when any inside sensor detects movement.