Project - Link lots of doors to multiple thermostats

Hello community! I’m looking for your thoughts on direction for a project. I’ve got a small community ambulance corps that has a building with 12 garage bays and 3 heaters in those bays. The bays have 3 separate ecobee thermostats. Right now if left open we are paying to heat the outdoors!

I’d like to add Samsung smarthings garage door sensors to the mix. My basic goal is if open, dont run the heat. If all the doors are closed again, resume heat. Easy enough in general but I’m not sure how to best evaluate the dozen sensors (e.g. any open means don’t heat) and having 3 thermostats in the mix.

Should I consider: Samsung smarthings routines? webcore, ifttt, or something else? The ambulance corps thanks you in advance!

If you have access to RBoy Apps check out this thermostat scheduling app which has the ability to turn off thermostat(s) when any of the sensors are open.

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Check out Ecobee Suite. Free, and has a helper routine that handles exactly this scenario.

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