Honeywell WiFi TStat and multiple door sensors integration help


I’m new to ST’s. So pardon the newbie question, I did some searching but didn’t find anything precisely what I’m after.

I’m in the process of trying to do some home automation… Have a Honeywell WiFi connected 9000 TStat.
Want to have 4 (or more) door sensors that if one remains open for a set time, thinking 5 minutes. The A/C is turned off until such time as that door is closed.

From what I can tell, that is all able to be done… correct, and how difficult is it to do ?

And then, the real question I have, say multiple doors are left open, and 1 closes, can the logic be built in that tests that all are closed before re-enabling the A/C ?

I feel that if 2 are left open, and 1 closes, it will send the door close re-enable system, and the remaining door is left open ?

Any advice and direction in how to accomplish is GREATLY appreciated !

Not sure about an app, but you should be able to do that in webCore.

Thermostat Director smattapp works great for this.

Update, so I got my hub and multi-purpose sensor, set it up, got it communicating to my Honeywell 9000 and the sensor. whipped up an automation to see do what I explained… which was easy with 1 sensor, LMAO.
Automation if sensor open for 5 minutes turn t-stat off, if closes, turn it to cool. Then I said, well that was dumb why didn’t you order 2 sensors in the first place… so 2nd sensor ordered and on it’s way… at that point not sure the simple automation will work.
So I will continue to play with the Thermostat Mode Director… assume I can leave fields blank in that SmartApp that I don’t want to use…such as the temp thresholds ?
I tried to look at WebCore, but I’m quickly getting lost in that, it sounds promising, as I need the if/then/else logic… as I need all doors closed before re-enabling the A/C. I’m using this in a vacation rental property where I know people will leave patio doors open, and the AC will just run and run.
Any other pointers ? But thanks so far to those with ideas.
Thanks !