Project: Arduino based contactless doorbell

I’ve already got the doorbell list of the project done… That was easy…

Now I’ve gone crazy and I want to have the Arduino send me a notification thru ST that the doorbell had been activated… So that in the future when I have as camera in the main door I can see who it is and potentially talk to them…

I’ve gone ahead and purchased an ESP8266 (actually for the price I got 5…)…

I know I know… There’s probably an easier way to do this but… Where would the fun be?

Now I only need to find a way to get the Arduino and the ST API talking…

Where should I start?

Thanks guys!!!

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As always, JD to the rescue! Thanks!!!

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You can very easily implement ST_Anything on an ESP8266 as a simple Button Controller device. Then, use the ST_Anything Parent Ethernet Device as you button controller device in any automations you’d like. It will produce button ‘pushed’ and ‘held’ events directly, with no need for any child devices.