Program a button on the Logitech Harmony remote to trigger a routine?

Program a button on the Logitech Harmony remote to trigger a routine. I have done research but this is another thing I cannot quite figure out how to do. Can it be done? If so what is the SmartApp that can do so? I will explain my main purpose for this just for fun. I am trying to make it so when I turn my TV off at night in my living room it will run a series of events such as turn on lighting to get to my bedroom, turn on tv in bedroom, and then turn off lighting say 5 minutes after I turned my living room tv off.


It can be done, but maybe not quite the way you’re envisioning.

First, you probably already know this, but in order to have smartthings work with harmony, you have to have a harmony home hub.

So assuming you have the hub set up…

  1. You can set up a virtual switch so that it will trigger a routine. It’s the same way you would set up a virtual switch so that echo can run a routine:

.2. Then you can have a harmony activity turn on that virtual switch just like it would turn on any light switch.

.3. The last question is how do you kick off that harmony activity? It’s going to depend on The specific model of remote that you have.

If you have the harmony home companion button remote, it has four buttons reserved for home automation devices, and you could make one of those the virtual switch that runs the routine.

If you have one of the Harmony remotes that has a screen, you would have to scroll down and select the appropriate routine.

One more note "you said “run a routine” but “routine” has a specific meaning on the SmartThings platform. From the description of what you want to have happen, I think smartlighting automations might work better. But you could still trigger them all from a virtual switch coming on so that’s fine. Or you could use core, again starting everything with a virtual switch.

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Ahh, very clever. This is starting to make a lot of sense to me and I will try to implement it soon. I see your name mentioned on a lot of topics around here. Thanks for the support.

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