Problems controlling garage door

Geo location / sensing is tricky. You may want to also think about using LIFE 360 integration as many have had more success with this (me included). Using the PHONE itself has a lot variables.

I also have a “timer” that closes the garage door after “X” minutes which works as back up as well. The timer was originally for when I arrived home walked in the house, and the garage door closes after “X” minutes with NO MOTION detected in the garage by the man door into the home. (allowing for multiple trips while caring groceries in and not wanting it to close until I was totally done in the garage). So I got a little extra back up with this implementation. As well, you may want to set up a “notify” (SMS etc) when your garage door closes - OR - remians open for “X” minutes, just in case your mind get preoccupied when you pull away, you will get some “reminder”. I know this sounds like a lot of steps to think about but it has to do with your HOME SECURITY ! to me worth an extra app or notify being added.

This set up has been the most successful !

Good luck!

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I’ve given up on automating the garage door. There are to many circumstances to allow for. And the presence sensors are unreliable. I have read so many threads about problems. I will use the remote switch in my car … much easier :). I have however set up an alert if I leave the garage door open. And I can close it from anywhere. So that is very useful. Thanks for all your advise guys.