Problem pairing URC dimmers to ST

I am replacing an older URC system (about 7 years old +/-) with ST. I can’t get the URC dimmers to engage in pairing mode. The dimmers are model MRFA-600M-URC (made by Lutron). I found the user manual online, but it only makes some vague references to the URC controller and nothing about pairing with other Z-Wave hubs. I was hoping to repurpose these switches as they have served me very well, but I am concerned they may be proprietary to the URC platform. Anyone out there having luck using these switches with ST? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Those are not Z wave devices. Lutron uses its own proprietary communications protocol, it’s not even on the same frequency.

As far as the specific URC models, they have been out of production for a while now. They made 2 versions… one for 418 mhz and one for 433 mhz (which is the “i” version) . Unfortunately, neither will work with the official SmartThings/Lutron Caseta integration. They will only work with their own controllers.

You can check with Lutron support, and if there is some way to get them to work with the Lutron SmartBridge, then you might be able to bring them over to SmartThings that way, but I don’t think they ever made those compatible.

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That is what I was afraid of - time to switch them out. Thanks so much for your quick input. Cheers

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