Pressure, Flow, Current

Please add these data types and capabilities:
Pressure (psi, MPa, …), Number typically derived from analog gauge
Flow (gpm, lpm,…), Number derived from freq counterr or Analog device
Current (A, ma…), Number derived from I2C or Analog device

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You can add those in your own DTH if needed. Some of the custom DTH’s that use those capabilities are:

Zooz Metering Switch (Current)
FortrezZ Water Flow Meter (gpm)
Keen Vents (pressure)

SmartApps can then be used/modified to look for those capabilities.

Was there a use case you had in mind?

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I have an diy Arduino solar pump controller that I currently have publishing to Adafruit IO but that’s very limited on the number of feeds so I want convert it to publish to Smartthings. It measures pump current draw, gallons per minute and line pressure. As well as all the control and purge cycles.

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