Pressence sensors

I’m new to smartthings but I use the hub along with door and window sensors for home security. I also use my phone as a pressence sensors to arm and disarm security system. My phone works great s8 active. I also set my wife’s phone up as a pressence sensors (note 8) and I constantly have to reprogram the hub because it won’t have my wife’s phone correct. It’s like it gets stuck after a few days. It’s either always home or always away. I thought that it might be the phone so I got a smartthings pressence sensor. Same thing happens. I also have a difficult time with the hub finding the smartthings pressence sensors. My other light switches which are wemo work great along with my Google home. It’s just the additional pressence sensors that I have issues with. Any suggestions?

Presence can be challenging. :disappointed_relieved: See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

As far as the hub not finding the presence sensor, that’s a zigbee device, so you may need a zigbee device which is capable of repeating. (The Wemo switches use a different protocol and can’t help with this.)

See post 11 in the following FAQ, then go back up to the top of the thread and read the whole thing.

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Thank you for all your advice. I think that some of my issues is that my router and modem are the same unit. At least that’s what I was told by smartthings when my cameras that I have ( Samsung smart cams)
Wont connect to my hub. I was told that it’s a known issue. I do have other window and door sensors that work perfect and my phone works good as a pressence sensor so I don’t think it’s the hub placement or reception.