Presence sensors location in app

Where do I go in the new app to see phone presence sensors to see if they are present or away? Since migration I seem to be missing things I depend on.

NewApp Presence does not show up as a device like Classic. You have to manually workaround it by creating Simulated Presence devices and then using automation to tie those to the state of your Newapp Phone Presence

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Here’s instructions on how to do that:

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Thanks for the input and the instructions creating the device. I created the SPS and my assumption was to use an automation to check if mobile presence is home and if so, change the state of the virtual presence. How ever the virtual presence does not show up under the action of devices.

So reviewing the Everyone Presence, it look like I create a Smartapp based upon the code he publishes and publish it to my hub. Then set up the smart app looking for mobile device then set the SPS based on Home and Away.

Does it sound like I’m on the right track?

That’s being discussed in this thread. Basically, it doesn’t show up in “Member Location” (which apparently only lists Samsung Account presence) but does show up in “Device Status” (where you can select “Is present” or “Is not present”).

Correct. You need to add the custom SmartApp via the IDE (via After you publish it there, you go into the app and add it to your hub, which will allow you to select the real and simulated presence sensors. (if you need more help, just ask)

Thank You. I set up one for both my wife and I. I shows we are present. Now I have to see when one of us leaves if it show that status. Thanks so much for the help.