Presence sensor to open garage

Currently using sharptools,tasker, and auto location to open garage. It works extremely well but I’m wanting to know down to the exact time that the garage starts to open upon arrival and when it starts to close on departure, trying to get it tweaked to work a little faster on these tasks. Any ideas?

Add a zigbee outlet or switch to your garage to ensure you have solid zigbee signal in your garage. A solid zigbee mesh from your garage to your hub to help ensure consistent presence detection. Then add an upgraded presence sensor to your car.

You should have very little lag w/ this setup.

What device(s) are you using for the garage?

This might not help as it seems your solution works well but I gave up on presence sensors after repeated failures with the SmartThings presence sensors, which are near useless so far as I can fathom. I can’t use a button approach as I normally arrive on my bike not in a car. Didn’t want phone based presence alone to trigger opening of course (stolen phone scenario) so I ended up with “Hey Google, turn on the garage door motor”. This just uses the Google Home - SmartThings integration to activate the Z-Wave Fibaro relay on my garage door. Responds surprisingly quickly. Had to add “motor” on the end to differentiate from the “garage door” sensor which is used for “are there any doors open” etc.

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Completely understandable when you don’t have a solid zigbee mesh. I had problems too until I had enough zigbee repeating devices (outlets/switches) to have a solid mesh through out my home. Also making sure WiFi (yours and your neighbors) aren’t interfering w/ with zigbee can help, but that part has been thourghly covered here already.

If I understand correctly, this is related to this previous post Red triangle with! on location (Tasker and SharpTools) wherein you’re using a custom Tasker profile with the AutoLocation plugin to determine your presence.

Have you tried adding additional logging to the Tasker Profiles to better understand what’s going on and where the timing limitation is?

For knowing the exact time that things happen, using similar logic as above you could set Tasker variables with the %TIMES value as discussed in a previous PM chain:

I use life360 presence and WC rules to open garage, unlock door, and choose correct routine/