Red triangle with! on location (Tasker and SharpTools)

Using sharp tools,tasker, and auto location I can open and close my garage upon arrival, It works amazing but for some reason I’m getting the red triangle with ! When I leave my wifi go fence and go to cell coverage?

Can you post a screen shot?

It sounds like you’re using the custom profile from the following thread, right? It looks like some of the tasks in that thread create notifications to let you know when you’re turning on high accuracy location.

Reading through the thread, it looks like it enables high accuracy mode when you are in your ‘service boundary’ (1500m centered on your home) and not connected to wifi.

You can always adjust that Tasker profile to better suit your needs. :smiley:

With this setup when i hit the inner fence my garage will open within a half a block, when I depart it takes about 3 blocks for everything to trigger my garage door to close. Can this be improved with the departure?

Just adding my notes here from our PM chain in case anyone else searches for this and finds it helpful:

These Tasker profiles were originally written by @destructure00, so I just re-read through the thread to try to understand how it all works together… here’s my notes on what it looks like is happening:

  • It looks like the Depart YourName profile is where the actual action to mark you as departed occurs
    • It looks like the Home profile must not be active in order for this to actually run.
  • The Depart YourName profile seems to get run in the Away profile which occurs when:
    1. You are OUTSIDE the Departure Boundary
    2. AND the Home WiFi Connected profile is not active
  • Home appears to get triggered when AutoLocation is inside the Arrival Boundary

So in theory, when you go outside the Departure boundary, you should already be outside the Arrival boundary… so home shouldn’t be active and unless your wifi is really amazing, you should be disconnected from Wifi.

My suggestion would be to add some logging and watch what’s happening. For example, add some Alert → Notify actions in each of the profiles so you can better figure out the timing and what’s happening.

I would also make sure to run the (de)optimization steps for Tasker noted here:

And the steps for SharpTools noted here: