Presence Sensor Always Triggers Away, NEVER Triggers Arrival

Several months ago I disabled the security activate and deactivate as at one point, and 100% of the time after that neither my nor my wife’s arrival would activate the home event, nor would it disable the intrusion alert.

After turning it off daily for a couple months I disabled it altogether. I’m now in the process of trying to set it back up, but the problem is persisting.

I have NO problem getting it to activate, but it will NEVER trigger the arrival events. This is in spite of having 2 phones, and in spite of the app correctly reporting both of them as present (my wife usually arrives at 5 PM and I get home at 6).

So the app itself can see we are home, but will NEVER execute any events upon arrival… I’ve verified the ‘home’ even is set to be triggered ‘when someone arrives’ (and both our phones are checked). If I manually run the home event, it does what it is supposed to.

It just seems so odd to me that I can rely 100% on the fact that away mode WILL trigger, and home mode WILL NOT.

That sounds really frustrating! What are the arrival events in? SHM, routines, rule machine, A custom smart app, or?

And you’re just using the native smart things presents, correct? Not life 360 or Ifttt or anything else?

Ok so…

Routines -> Home

Set Smart Home Monitor To > Disarm
Change The Mode To > Home
Automatically Perform Home When > Someone Arrives > Any Of These People > (MY AND MY WIFE’s iPhone)

Never triggers when someone arrives
Does all it should when triggered manually

What mode is it in before someone gets home?

Also–are you and your wife signed in as different accounts? And do you have any other devices like a tablet running the SmartThings mobile app?


2 iPhones, 2 Accounts.

Am using a tablet, and sharing my account.
It hasn’t been added as a proximity sensor and is always with me (like my phone).

I’m having a similar iPhone presence problem… and I’m also using it in Routines to change mode and arm/disarm.

Mine works great for departure/arming and for arrival/disarming.

My wife’s works great for departure, but not always arrival. So she sometimes arrives home to sirens blaring. Not good.

Are there any know reasons why iPhone presence doesn’t work consistently? Anything I can do to her phone’s set-up to increase the odds of it working?

If the iphone is fully asleep in her purse, does that delay it being recognized? If so, might that be solved by increasing the size of the geofence around the house – so it might get picked up earlier?

I’ve developed a new problem which supersedes this issue.

My wife’s phone shows present even when she is over an hour’s drive away… tried removing and re-adding her phone from presence sensors but to no avail. It will not update that she is away…