Power restored monitoring. Am I overcomplicating this?

I have a unique setup where I’d like to be notified when my utility power is restored during an outage. My main panel is equipped with an interlock switch that I manually flip over when I use my generator during a power outage. My entire main panel is then back fed from the generator. The utility power main breaker is shut off during this time, so I’m looking for something that gives me the ability to receive a notification when the main utility power is restored. Here’s what I’ve come up with, but I feel like there’s got to be a better way:

Use this sensor that wraps around the main leg coming into the house before the breaker that monitors when power is restored.

If my goal was to simply hear an audio alert when power is restored, then this would be all I’d need. But if I’m not home, this really doesn’t help me.

So then I found this noise sensor: https://www.amazon.com/Ecolink-Wireless-Detector-existing-FF-ZWAVE5-ECO/dp/B071Z8NM8N

This would give me the ability to receive an alert when the sound sensor detected the power restored sensor beeping.

However, I feel like there has to be a product/configuration I could use that would accomplish this is a single unit, not a domino effect of processes.

If anyone has any suggestions at all, I’m all ears. Thanks!

I use a hardwired presence sensor, that way as long as it has power it will report present. Any changes to the power on that circuit will change the device presence. I use SHM to send push notices on power/presence change.

The ecolink will only recognize two specific beep patterns: the UL specified one for a US residential smoke sensor, and the UL specified one for a US residential carbon monoxide sensor. So I don’t think it’s going to work for your use case, it will probably ignore the sensor you’ve chosen regardless of how loud it is.

That’s a good point. Back to the drawing board.

You could use a canary bulb.

Get any smart bulb which turns itself on when power is restored. This is most of them.

Keep it turned off for regular use.

Set up an alert for when that light turns on.

When the power goes out, nothing will happen. But when the power comes back on, that bulb will turn on, and you can use its turning on as a trigger for pretty much anything and smartthings.

People have used this in the past to have all their smart bulbs turn themselves off again when power is restored, particularly if they are away on vacation. But it would certainly work for your purpose.

If you also want an audible alert, just have a siren or chime coming on be triggered by the bulb coming on.

The problem is, my entire main breaker panel is being fed by my generator using an interlock kit like this: https://www.geninterlock.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/sd200_qo_i_lg.jpg. So when I manually move over to generator power, all circuits in my home are being fed by the generator and the main utility breaker is completely off. So unless I somehow wired into the main legs before the panel (which would be very not code), this won’t work. That’s why I was looking at a device that wraps around the utility main leg and is able to monitor voltage. Voltage drops to 0 (during power outage) I get an alert. Voltage remains at 0 for a set amount of time, then comes back, I get another alert that it has been restored.

Oh, I see. Can you use the Aeotec HEM then? It’s a Z wave device that reports directly to smartthings.


BTW, it’s on the official compatibility list, so you don’t have to use the custom DTH, it just gives you more features.


Thanks for the recommendation. Funny thing is, I actually used this product before switching to my utility providers energy monitoring in the past because it worked better for what I wanted. I just sent Aeotec this message:

I’m looking to use this device to monitor and alert when I lose and regain utility power at my home. Now I’ve actually had this product in the past, but returned it because my utility provider offered a home energy monitor program that worked better for me at the time. However, I’m looking to re-purchase if I can use it for what I need.

Basically, I’d like the Meter to monitor current voltage on my utility power legs and alert me when the voltage drops to 0. And also alert me when the voltage is restored (after power outage. If I remember correctly, the meter gave me amps and watts, but did not measure voltage. If I’m in generator mode, the main legs will be using 0 amps and 0 watts. And even when the utilty power is restored, the main utility legs will still be using 0 watts and 0 amps because I have to manually switch back to utility to start using it.

So my question is, can this device measure voltage as well so that I can set up alerts in SmartThings to monitor for power loss/restoration?

*Edit: It does appear to measure realtime voltage as well.

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Android phone with tasker. Monitor when mains charging restored by sending a sms/etc.


If you want to know about any sudden loud noises, some cameras have this option and would therefore send you a notification if they heard any type of siren or alarm.

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Does your utility company offer SMS updates during outages? Mine will send me updates and once power is restored ask me to respond yes or no if my power is back.

You can install a smart bulb in your neighbor’s house and get a notification when their power comes back on. :grin: