Power cut. Phillips lights not coming back

Hey everyone. A few days ago we had a repair man out who had to cut the power to the house. Since then all of my Philips bulbs are unreachable. They simply do not respond to commands. I even tried removing one from ST and reading but it’s not picking it up. Not really sure what’s going on or what to do. Would appreciate any help.

Ok. Simple questions first.

  1. Do the lights have power?
  2. Are (were) the lights connected via Phillips hue bridge?
  3. if so, is the bridge online?

Yeah the lights have power. The lights have never been connected to a hue bridge.

I’ve tried doing a manual reset of the one by cutting it on and off 5 times fast but it’s not flashing like they have done in the past.

Still having this issue. But to add info.

I’ve been getting a message every night indicating a battery is low. I could have sworn it said something about the garage but tonight everything stopped responding and the hub went offline. I just went to check it and it’s fully powered off.

Now I’m wondering if that message wasn’t indicating the hubs batteries were low. If the huh was running off battery power could that cause some items to not respond? I haven’t swapped batteries to see if my box is still working at all. Not sure if I can get another power brick if my current one is bad?

Bump. Anyone please? I did get the message again last night even with my hub offline and it is for the garage.

But I’m betting my hub has been running off battery ever since that day the power got cut. Would running off battery cause some of my lights to not respond?

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