Possible to get all devices with any capability via input?

Is it possible to have a preference input list all devices from a location despite capability and type?

Something like:

input "items", "device.*", title : "Devices To Use", multiple: true


Similarly, is it possible to retrieve an object’s entire state?

So, instead of iterating over known attribute names

def temp = device.currentValue("temperature")
def contact = device.currentValue("contact")
// ...

it’d be nice to

def state = device.currentState()

This sort of functionality would be immensely helpful to metaprogramming SmartApps, as to better serve a more diverse and mutable set of devices.

I was able to answer my second question re: the whole state of a device.
Using #supportedAttributes I can get all attributes, loop through them, and build my own total state object.

def all_attributes_of_device = device.supportedAttributes
// loop over all_attributes_of_device...

I was reading the SmartDevice class summary instead of the Device docs. Oops.
Sorry, if I’m over documenting, just hoping it may help someone else down the line.

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I don’t know if the code here (originally for switches) will be any help to you - but it does loop over the attributes.

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Thanks! That’s very similar to what I ended up doing:

def device_state = [:]
for (attribute in device.supportedAttributes) {
  device_state."${attribute}" = device.currentValue("${attribute}")

Now if I could only get all devices as options for an input…

Are you working on a ST App or accessing the API (OAuth)? Just wondering why you’d want to access every device for a single input.

I’m writing a SmartApp with the web based IDE. No external application.

I’m trying to push the state of each device to an external service.

Is that a use-case for a “SmartThings Web Service”? For now I am just trying to keep it self-contained as a SmartApp while I play around, and not involve other appliances yet.

Someday the Core API will be available and SmartApps like these won’t be needed anymore. I look forward to that day.


Thanks for this, its exactly what i want but how do i implement this into a smart app?
Do you have any example code?

I’m also looking for a way to get all devices. (not based on capability)
I’d like to know when the Core API will be available.


Yah… We really need this for SmartTiles V6.

Yea, we really need this for developer sanity, I wonder how many of us are spending hours building almost the same exact thing which just about every IOT platform gives you out of the box… a basic RESTful API. Instead of working on our unique app ideas were busy hacking together something that will work which waiting on Samsung to provide something that should have been a day one deliverable. Shame