Possible to bridge GE/Jasco switch?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to bridge a GE/Jasco 12727 switch (by connecting an extra wire between LINE and LOAD), so it is always hot? I would like to control some LIFX lights with it, while keeping the lights permanently powered. Or are there any other products to do this, I really like to have the toggle switch style though.

Thank you

I dont know the answer but had an idea for an alternative solution. You could use a dumb toggle switch together with an aeotec relay to achieve the same thing. the relay just needs line and neutral so you can connect line and load in the box.

I am not sure about electrical code for something like that… It may be a good idea to check.

If you want to keep the switch always on, just use the bottom two connections, neutral and line. Keep the load and traveler taped off. Then take the load wire and connect it directly to line.

There is a linear Z-Wave device that is designed for this type of application that does not have a load.

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This. Hook up line and neutral like normal, then put your load wire into the second hole on the line terminal.

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keeping the manual switch wired to the LIFXs is a good idea to easily cycle power to them. I occasionally lose communication to one in the garage, but switching it off/on is all I’ve ever had to do , to re-establish comm. You can also cycle its circuit breaker but that usually powers additional devices.

To prevent unfamiliar people from casually turning them off, a physical switch guard will prevent that.

Totally makes sense!
Thanks everybody for the quick replies!! Great forum here :slight_smile:

I was wanting to do the same thing with my LIFX bulbs as well but I wasn’t sure if there were any electrical code issues this this. @destructure00 or @jhamstead do you have any idea?

I’m not familiar with electrical code specifics unfortunately.