POPP Keypad - almost working!


I successfully added my POPP Keypad using the generic SmartThings lock controller. When I type the correct user code, it does generate an event as shown below in Logging.

However, I set up an Automation event to react when this devices locks or unlocks using the “Door Locks or Unlocks” option, but it never triggers. I am not sure what is wrong? Is it because the state change shows as false each time I enter the code? I can’t see how to get the POPP keypad to toggle between lock and unlock. Alternatively, it is sending a central scene notification of 1 (which I can change the number of) – could I use this t

o trigger an automation event?

Any help gratefully received.



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Popp keypad has a few special requirements when working with ST. If you have access to RBoy Apps you can try this device handler which is designed to make it work with ST and allow you enable/disable special features like the buzzers.

You should be able to set custom actions for locking/unlocking or if you have access to rboy apps you can use LUM to program the keypad and set custom actions/notifications as well with the above device handler.