Play TV sound on phone is missing

Last update removed play TV sound on phone. I have several people in household that goes to bed early and I play sound on my phone so the surround sound does not echo to their rooms.

Why did you remove it from last update and are you going to bring it back?


I have been trying to figure out if the problem was my wifi, Bluetooth or my phone but now i can see they forgot to fix the audio from TV. Sadly it’s been 3 days since the update and no fix yet.


I guess it’s good to know that it’s not just me. This is really irritating as I can’t watch anything after my kids are in bed. I really hope they fix this problem soon. I tried to use the mirror option, but the sound still plays on the TV. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get it to work, but no luck. Argh. If anyone figures out a workaround, please toss a dog a bone (please and thank you).


Its been 3days, now i know they removed it for bug fixing. been experiencing static noise the last 4days and now this feature is missing


I’m also facing the same issue.
This is really important feature and Samsung cannot remove this.


This feature is really important to me

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Uninstall it and download older version from here… Keep auto upate off for this,app

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If there’s no sound while casting, restart the casting device. Restart the app. Sign out and then sign in to the app again. Update the app to the latest version using the Google Play™ Store app.

I worked for me, i downloaded the april 2023 version and removed my tv from my device list and added it again while adding it, it downloads the add-ons but i cancelled it, poof the TV sound on phone feature returned

Samsung support got back to me when I complained about the above, saying the feature was deliberately removed due to “not being used as much as expected”.

I specifically bought a Samsung TV because of this feature and have used it for years. Now I can’t hear sound from my TV late at night because it will wake the neighbours/family. Ridiculous decision

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I had bought Samsung TV specially for this reason. I would say a stupid and ridiculous decision. Suddenly my watching the TV when everyone else is sleeping is stopped. Need to find alternative.

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“not being used as much as expected”
Dear Samsung,
It is a stupid reason and that feature was very unique and awesome.
Please give back people what they need!
I wanted replace my LG to Samsung for only this reason.


Hi All,

Loved this feature and after buying a Samsung TV and Samsung phone, I’m really disgusted that Samsung took this frature out in the August update. Naresh, thank you for the link to the April version. It fixed the issue only temporarily though.

Unfortunately, after I uninstalled the August update and re-installed the April version, all was good for a short period and i had the feature back again. I disabled any updates regardless of wifi, etc. Then stupid smart things auto updated next time i used it anyway, do feature was lost again. I did screen shot of April version, and after forced update, it went back to If i can find a way to block the update, I’ll post here. Anyone else had the update force fed to them even with Auto update disabled?

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I do my video gaming through the GeForce Now app on my Samsung TV, and this has my best way of getting the stereo sound that is so important for spatial audio, with a nice, battery-less set of earbuds on a cord from my phone.

I’m not sure if the TV branch or the SmartThings branch of Samsung is to blame, but I urge the branch that has lost the case to get it appealed.

Did you find any work around for this please?
I too landed in the same box.

Until SmartThings app update in August 2023, I used to watch many movies on my 75-inch Samsung TV in my living room, using the “Play TV sound on phone” feature through my Galaxy S22 phone to my headphones, while the rest of my family sleep at night.

It was wonderful. I recommended this to many of me friends who thanked me a lot.
I was shocked this great feature was gone.

Now you can only use “View TV on phone” feature, which is great if you need it, but it’s a disaster for watching a movie on TV and just want to hear the sound through phone:

  • There is a Lip sync problem – no match between the sound and the lips of the actors in the movie on TV.
  • Unlike when using “Play TV sound on phone “, you cannot use the phone for any other purpose. It must be used and open showing the TV content.

It’s unbelievable the only way to use the great “Play TV sound on phone” feature is to install old version of SmartThings app.

Do you know of relevant email or link directed to Samsung apps developing you can complain about this issue?

Same issue here, but slightly different use case.

I have been using my Sony WH-1000xm4 headset connected via bluetooth directly to my Samsung TV.

But, since a Samsung TV update, the headset connection doesn‘t work anymore. Issue is known by Samsung. No solution yet.

I was hoping to use SmartThings to play TV sound on my smartphone and have the headset connected to the smartphone.

I see the feature is back now.
I hope Samsung developers shall take lots of care while experimenting.

I hope so. I will check it out.