Phone notification of low smoke detector battery

I was hoping to see a phone/app notification that your linked smoke detector was at a certain level that you can set. Preferably before it starts chirping.

I have dogs at home, and smoke detector started chirping today. My dog broke through a wire crate, and broke a tooth from chewing trying to get out. A panic attack from the chirping. Would like a notification a day or so before the chirp starts.

This could be done with webCoRE if you’re willing to get your feet really wet.

Webcore is a complicated rule Creator that you can basically do anything with using SmartThings devices. They also have a community website that can help you with anything you need. Here is the link for that:

RBoy ( has a smart app for checking the battery levels. You can set a minimum battery level and then have the app send you a notification for a low battery.

I would suggest using the automations feature of the app. You can make a automation to notify you when the battery level falls below any level. I think smartthings also send a notification if its under 15%. At least I know it has sent me a notification for my smartthings multipurpose sensor being below 15%. I don’t know if it will do that on its own for non smartthings devices but if it doesn’t you can just make the automation in the app, no need for any workarounds.

what make and model smoke detector?

The First Alert Zcombo, connecting by Zwave, has a stupid battery chirp level something like 77%. Not 15%. I have to check battery at 78+% and it will fall to and remain there for at least a week or two, before falling to 77% . Since your dogs are touchy maybe do not wait for 78.

Try this app, it also has a built in battery level dashboard along with custom thresholds

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