Philips Hue and Zwave Switch / Outlet?

I’m having the hardest time finding an answer. I recently received an Amazon Echo and want to be able to have it turn off my bedroom fan lights (a Leviton zwave DZS15 switch). Up until now, I’ve used SmartThings to control these fan lights. However, I need to transfer (or share) this control over to my Hue bridge.

Unfortunately, I can’t find ANY way to get my Hue hub to recognize the Zwave switch. I’ve tried resetting and pairing it in the Hue app but that doesn’t work (doesn’t even recognize it). Likewise, I can’t find a way to share the switch with the Hue app from the SmartThings app.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this even possible? Thank you!

Currently the Echo only directly controls bulbs attached to a Philips Hue bridge and some WeMo devices. It seems clear there will be more integrations in the future, so it mostly depends on how impatient you are. (Neither the Hue bridge nor Echo have a zwave antenna, but the SmartThings hub may eventually have an official integration that allows it to act as the gobetween.)

There are some indirect methods. See:

There’s a good reason for this: Hue uses ZigBee, not Z Wave, so there is no way for these things to work directly together. However, there’s good news! This post details how to setup a Java application that will allow you to bridge commands from the Echo to SmartThings, so you can use your existing ST configuration and Z Wave switches from Echo.

I’m running this at home right now and it works great. Echo picks up the commands and issues the response to ST quickly and reliably.

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