Peephole Wifi camera

I live in an apartment… placing a Nest-like camera would be too much for the building… so I am left to look for other options…

I just found (totally by accident! On a news website) this product:

Anyone know if this could be “easily” integrated into ST for viewing in a tablet or Chromecast-enabled tv?

Just a blind guess, but is this a Tuya based camera. Then might would work out of the box with Google Home. But as it not listed, I have doubts. Or you can search another solution to stream the video to a chromecast like BlueIris or TinyCam and Tasker or something similar.

Otherwise I wouldn’t really trust these random Chinese manufacturers. Unless you can change the firmware of the device, like some Xiaomi cameras, DaFang hack and other solutions.


There aren’t any Cameras that integrate easily except the brands that show up in the new V3 app: Arlo, Ring, and the new SmartThings cam. And only some models of those.

@rboy is an expert on cameras and might know if there are any peephole camera options for custom integration.

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I might have to get it and give it a shot… it’s the only cam I’ve seen that can be installed in my building that doesn’t look suspicious…

Honesty, I would build then my own with an RPi Zero W and the camera what you can get for it.

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